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not inhabiting or frequenting trees

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Specifically, the highest numbers of pollen of the arboreal plants followed the trend Pinaceae, Cupressaceae and Oleaceae, and for nonarboreal Poaceae were followed by Asteraceae and Brassicaceae.
86 Nonarboreal taxa Poaceae 1406 1543 2542 5491 18.
Salix PARs reach their maximum later during the birch shrub tundra stage, and maximum nonarboreal pollen (NAP) PARs occur around 9000 yr BP, during the Populus-Juniperus zone (Fig.
Forest change during this interval is explained as a consequence of rising summer temperatures (declining Picea, increasing Pinus), rising temperatures in both seasons (increasing Quercus), and increasing moisture availability (decreasing nonarboreal taxa, increasing Abies, Betula).
Among nonarboreal types (NAP), Cyperaceae, Dryopteris type, and Sphagnum, which makes its only appearance here, have high percentages in this zone.