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not subject to individual determination



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These patterns of framing, as with others, can be theorized to originate in more basic nonarbitrary relations.
Justice Douglas remarked, "The high service rendered by the 'cruel and unusual' punishment clause of the Eighth Amendment is to require legislatures to write penal laws that are evenhanded, nonselective, and nonarbitrary, and to require judges to see to it that general laws are not applied sparsely, selectively, and spottily to unpopular groups.
even if there were a nonarbitrary way to define the competitiveness of two products, there would be no nonarbitrary way to define the inequality of the competitiveness of the different pairs of products placed in a given market;
2009): (a) evaluation of the relational repertoire, (b) sequential and errorless training, (c) firstly training with nonarbitrary relations and then with arbitrary relations, (d) use of several sets of stimuli with several dimensions and functions, (e) use of different training formats, and (f) assess transformation of functions through mutual and combinatorial entailment.
All actors who exercise a nonarbitrary amount of power in ungoverned space are subject to the international law of ungoverned space.
nonarbitrary reason and for no nonarbitrary purpose (indeed, for no
67) More recently, Lisa Schultz Bressman suggested that the "separation of powers was intended not merely to require Congress and the President to act independently of one another, but also to act in a nonarbitrary, public-regarding manner.
We could of course adopt a limiting conception of the First Amendment, but any nonarbitrary exclusion of algorithm-based decisions would require major changes in the Court's jurisprudence.
The proposition that due process requires nonarbitrary governance has as its necessary consequence that governmental interest is the measure and source of governmental power.
Based on this, visualization was defined as representations of information consisting of spatial, nonarbitrary (i.
We believe that in an imperfect market, a nonarbitrary way of allocating the existing diversification benefits back to the pool participants, via a particular premium principle, is not possible, since we face a problem that is similar to the capital allocation dilemma, extensively discussed by the academic literature in the last few years (see, e.
08 cannot be resolved "in a principled, reasonable, and nonarbitrary fashion," since all the district courts have not spoken in one voice.
Judicious and nonarbitrary use of a weaponized space eventually could be seen as a net positive--an effective global police force that punishes criminal acts but does not threaten to engage in an imperial manner.
42) He identifies five categories of ostensibly nonarbitrary criteria for evaluating truth claims expressed both propositionally and dynamically by religious believers.
Therefore, some authors have advocated that institutions would do well to encourage applicants to challenge admission policies, or encourage students to challenge termination policies, because the courts have supported academic institutions as long as they are honoring their own clearly defined, nonarbitrary, nondiscriminatory criteria of professional expectations and due process requirements (Cole, 1991; Moore & Urwin, 1991; Wayne, 2004).