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Synonyms for nonaligned

not inclining toward or actively taking either side in a matter under dispute

Antonyms for nonaligned

not affiliated with any faction, party, or cause


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The elimination of the nonaligned status had Ukrainian legislators doing a standing ovation at the end of the voting process.
After all, there are 120 Nonaligned Movement member states in the UN General Assembly, and UN chiefs have regularly attended Nonaligned Movement summits.
And though Syria's embattled president, Bashar al Assad, may not participate, the crisis in Syria will be on the agenda and may culminate in a new Nonaligned Movement mediation push to complement the efforts of both the United Nations and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.
For nonaligned directors' surveillance role to be effective, it is important that board meetings necessarily have them or at least a majority of them to be present at the meeting.
After all, nonaligned directors are not all angels and they are equally subject to human failings.
In the second part, the regional reports, the tone was grimmer and more militant, and thus a more accurate reflection of the real state of mind of the nonaligned leaders.
Improved relations between East and West leading to weapons reductions were welcomed, since nonaligned leaders believe that the arms race has had negative consequences for the economies of both superpowers and contributed to a global malaise.
Those who supported the DPJ but voted for Takenaka accounted for 5 percent, while nonaligned voters who voted for him amounted to 17.
Exit polls showed that 46 percent of DPJ supporters voted for Kina while nonaligned voters who did so constituted 37.
Colombia and Bangladesh form the troika along with South Africa as the previous and next chairs of the nonaligned group.
In his first two terms as prime minister, from 1972 until 1980, Manley was a champion of the nonaligned movement.
After twenty-five years the Nonaligned Movement continues to struggle against racism and for the implementation of its earliest concerns--independence and the right of self-determination.
During her stay in office, Gandhi organized a conference of nonaligned third-world nations in 1983, which was attended by diplomats from 101 countries.
Riady, he said, was among those ``who encouraged me to see President Suharto'' of Indonesia at a summit meeting in Tokyo in 1993, when Suharto was still the head of the nonaligned nations.
The FCC has tried to boost competitive carriers with a series of pro-CLEC decisions over the last six months, but one nagging issue persists--whether ILECs can create CLEC-type affiliates to compete in-region against nonaligned alternative providers for advanced services, as the FCC has indicated it might permit.