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not aggressive

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In this particular case, radiographic findings were compatible with a nonaggressive mandibular bone deformity (benign neoplasia) and surgical margins could be precisely planned.
Active surveillance, an option for nonaggressive prostate cancers, is now being investigated at MSKCC and in Japan.
On 16 May, one interaction between elk and horses was nonaggressive.
callousness and lack of guilt) as compared to nonaggressive controls (Helfritz and Stanford 2006).
Slovenia is a nation of beekeepers and here you can learn all about the indigenous grey Carniolan honey bee, a nonaggressive creature that produces high yields of honey.
As Banas, Dunbar, Rodriguez, and Liu (2011) report, "positive, nonaggressive humor has been associated with a more interesting and relaxed learning environment, higher instructor evaluations, greater perceived motivation to learn" and greater enjoyment during educational experiences (p.
Treatment of benign PM involves nonaggressive but complete excision of the lesion, as spontaneous regression has never been reported.
Most of them are trained to be comfortable around mobility devices, to be nonexcitable and nonaggressive, and to avoid food or pills that fall on the floor.
Create a respectful, nonaggressive home environment free from these factors that promote bullying: harsh discipline (such as physical types, rejection, or shaming), low warmth (low support, excessive teasing), high hostility (kids are treated as if they are bad people or enemies), support of prejudice and use of violence, substance abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse and neglect.
However, in some circumstances, nonaggressive treatment is clearly the best option to optimize quality of life of one's remaining years and maximize health.
And when I see a premenopausal woman who is 48 and who's got a small, screen-detected, nonaggressive breast cancer, I will feel very comfortable that she can do quite well with tamoxifen alone.
Beneath ft, the flat mainspring housing is given a similar, nonaggressive textured pattern.
You have Ivanovic, Terry, Cahill and Azpilicueta and they perform in the sun, in the rain, on small pitches, big pitches, against aggressive teams, nonaggressive teams, possession teams and non-possession teams and they perform every game - from day one to the last day.
Sir David's award-winning interview style was considered nonaggressive, affable and effusive - but he had a talent for extracting intriguing information and revealing reactions from his subjects.