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60; "Providing students with opportunities to write test questions based on their understanding of the instructional objectives), and nonachievement grading factors (six items; Cronbach's [alpha] = .
Nonetheless, this analysis provides important evidence on the policy-relevant, nonachievement consequences of NCLB (for example, its fiscal effects) as well as guideposts to the intended and unintended ways in which NCLB has shaped the available measures of educational practice.
What relative weights do teachers of mainstream classes assign to achievement and nonachievement factors when assessing the written work of ESL students?
Those aspects of school and academic work that were concerned with nonachievement, failing grades, and uncertainty tended to be associated with other pessimistic future losses, as reflected in the Future Failure and Loss component.
As noted in paragraph 7 of this SOP, to ensure that management's assertion will be available to users of the report, practitioners are strongly encouraged to report on management's written assertion rather than on the subject matter, except when a deficiency or deficiencies in controls exist that, individually or in combination, result in the nonachievement of one or more specified compliance control objectives.
Halutz, in his testimony, which was heavily redacted, said that "the most blatant nonachievement or failure" was the army's inability to bring the war to a faster and more decisive end.
Generally, the critical issues in VAM development in education have been what nonachievement variables will be incorporated into the model and what statistical methods will be used to model the longitudinal nature of the data.
The report predicts that ecosystem change could accelerate during the next 50 years and contribute to nonachievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.
Nuclear weapons are "natural" bearers of prestige because the technological capacity to develop them remains the preserve of a select few states, (48) constituting a clear boundary separating achievement from nonachievement.
Up to now, the only cost of the three years of nonachievement has been a loss of credibility.
1) The court shall hold a hearing to review the compliance of the parties with the case plan to determine what assigned tasks were and were not accomplished and the reasons for their nonachievement.
A colleague and I are working on a review and synthesis of the research literature relating to the nonachievement outcomes of the use of technology.
Are there consequences associated with the achievement or nonachievement of agreed-upon performance levels?
More importantly, assessments in many of these nonachievement domains would not have to be paper-and-pencil "tests," but could be gathered through other methods such as administrative record reviews and third-party informants (e.
Now, compare this record of nonachievement with the first nine months of the 104th Congress.