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the act of refusing an offer


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This scale measured emotional dysregulation with six distinctive subscales: Nonacceptance of emotional responses (e.
The most evident reasons are nonacceptance of their handicap and depression, lowquality products, social support weaknesses in the individual's environment, architectural barriers, and factors related to rehabilitation (intervention), such as inappropriate instruction and training for product acquisition (Wessels, Dijcks, Soede, Gelderbom, & De Witte, 2003).
Acceptance sampling plans provide the producer and the consumer with acceptance or nonacceptance criteria meeting both of their requirements for product quality, in which the decision is made on the sample information taken from the submitted lot.
First, the utility of Boyle's approach rests on the viability of a "2-by-2" table that assumes implicitly that the loss of control and nonacceptance of a settlement by any side produces the same outcome.
There is no point in experiencing the negative emotion brought on by the nonacceptance of things we can't change and that are out of our control.
One of the primary sources of the odium towards gays and lesbians is the longstanding nonacceptance of homosexuality by a number of the world's major religions.
63) Still, however correct we were that rights were no more than second best to cultural acceptance and that cultural nonacceptance would limit the effective reach of rights, we lost that fight.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court Thursday issued a notice to Speaker Punjab Assembly and others on a petition against nonacceptance of resignation of the Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly.
This rate of discomfort or nonacceptance is similar to that associated with pessaries, Dr.
To perceive that the food the diabetic patient is eating differs from what the other members of the family eat can trigger nonacceptance of the disease, causing considerable difficulty in implementing changes and increasing the probability of complications.
d) Model D: the 28-item and 5-factor model proposed by Hervas and Jodar (2008) in Spanish adults, in which Impulse and Strategies were integrated onto a single factor labeled "Lack of control" and Item 30 was included in Nonacceptance (instead of Strategies), attending also to its content.
The target stimuli were 12 single words, six of which indicated nonacceptance (i.
But I know plenty who aren't and don't even humour the idea of nursing because of some ridiculous stigma attached to it and fear of embarrassment, humiliation and nonacceptance.
In all other states, virtues of compassion and respect are the primary motivations for accommodating nonacceptance of the declaration of brain death.