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In both of the references, the authors found that for nonparallel propagation, the gravitational attraction between photons is non-zero.
Assume that (B, +, *) be Boolean- near-ring having a proper subset A is an associate ring in which the relation of compatibility is transitive for non-zero elements.
A burst of length b is a vector whose only non-zero components are confined to some b consecutive positions, the first of which is non-zero.
Chen urges that: "Hu and his successors should understand that pursuing zhuguan (sovereignty) in human rights and in territorial integrity and promoting renquan (human rights) need not be a non-zero sum game after all.
Stendahl described such supersessionist, non-zero claims to "exclusive legitimacy" in rather uncharacteristically harsh language, as "the ultimate arrogance in the realm of religion .
In (11), Herstein proved that if R is a prime ring with char R [not equal to] 2 and R admits a non-zero derivation d such that [d(x), d(y)] = 0 for all x, y [member of] R, then R is commutative.
For a sparse matrix K, non-zero entries and their respective column indices are stored in two separate arrays, row by row.
For a homogeneous bars system the non-zero elements of this matrix are:
In this first volume, he determines the thermal stresses acting in the isotropic multi-particle matrix system using eight different mathematical techniques to generate eight different linear differential equations with non-zero right sides related to the radial displacement of an arbitrary point in the isotropic elastic solid continuum.
The citation for Tkach's award reads: "For pioneering breakthroughs in high-capacity transmission systems and networks, including the invention of non-zero dispersion fiber and dispersion management of optical fiber nonlinearities.
2], then only a part from the efforts from bars is non-zero.
and the non-zero elements by varying j from 1 to 3 and k varies from 1 to 2 are
3) A probability or statistical sample is one in which every element of the population has a known, non-zero, chance of being selected into the sample.
The end-use conditions will require the rubber to absorb energy at a non-zero frequency.
In a creative twist of logic, this clear conflict of interest is purportedly erased by the fact that the author published a paper in which he "argues for a non-zero risk of cancer at low doses of radiation.