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This new pilot program will enhance those efforts by targeting non-violent offenders at the point of arrest and directing them immediately to appropriate treatment options.
He has said that overly harsh prison sentences, particularly for non-violent drug crimes, are to blame for doubling the prison population in the past two decades.
He recalled that the Khudai Khidmatgar leadership and followers took part against the British Rule in a peaceful and non-violent way but the British Government took it the other way and opened fire and crushed them under their military vehicles.
Israel habitually uses extreme violence, especially against non-violent resistance, "stressing that, Abu Ein "was guilty of nothing more insidious than planting olive trees on Palestinian land that Israel was attempting to steal.
Under existing laws, non-violent coercive and controlling behaviour is covered by legislation that covers stalking and harassment but does not explicitly apply to intimate relationships.
It follows teams of Niger Delta youths as they make films telling of non-violent transformations and promoting non-violent solutions in the Niger Delta.
Possibly he/she has overlooked the fact that Hitler, apart from being the biggest massmurderer the world has ever known - next to Stalin and Mao Tse-tung - he was also a vegetarian, but not a non-violent one as T S Pabla suggests.
He will also discuss non-violent problem-solving with members of the Niger Delta Legacy Board of Directors and local communities in Lagos and the Niger Delta.
As we celebrate Lord Mahavir's birthday, let us commit ourselves to imbibing his noble message of cultivating right belief, right knowledge and right conduct, in order to build a non-violent and compassionate world," the vice president said in his message.
Non-violent revolutions give millions of people time to think about why they are taking these risks and what they hope to get out of it.
Their headline statistic is that violent revolutionary struggles succeed in overthrowing an oppressive regime only 30 percent of the time, whereas non-violent campaigns succeed almost 60 percent of the time.
In its 20-year history, the Project has "empowered over five million students, teachers, and sports coaches in 20 countries to embrace non-violent solutions to the challenges of the modern world", according to a statement.
Lionel Goulder, by email Non-violent protest THE notion of non-violent protest pre-dates ideas from Gandhi (Mail, September 2).
The past years have seen a rise in non-violent activism against the Israeli occupation and against the blockade of Gaza.
AMELIA TRICE, the leader of an American Indian tribe that declared a non-violent war against the US government in the 1970s, has died at the age of 75.