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not endowed with life

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In other words, they can't rule out non-living sources as being completely responsible for the formations on Mars.
The innocent thoughts and noble acts of these kindergarten students can be a source of inspiration for all of us to contribute in whatever little way we can to the society around us, to make it more meaningful and lovable place for all creatures living and non-living.
By engaging in these activities, Loewenstein said China has violated the "sovereign rights of the Philippines with regard to living and non-living resources in its EEZ and continental shelf.
The provisional patent ("Isolation Of Stromal Vascular Fraction From Non-Living Adipose Tissue Using Ultrasonic Cavitation") expands the field of cellular therapy, and specifically, research in adipose stromal vascular fraction (SVF), the company said.
OTCQB: SVFC) announced it has filed a patent application for a research technique in which stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells can be harvested from non-living adipose tissue for research and clinical purposes.
The NEA defines an ecosystem as 'a dynamic complex of plant, animal and microorganism communities and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit'.
The Dun Laoghaire-based company added the first they knew the liver was from a non-living donor was when they read it on the front page of a national newspaper on Monday morning.
org if your publications are about the Antarctic or non-living things,
Some Natural readers have noticed that whenever we use the word "Nature"--meaning the universe in which we live, and all its living and non-living things--we capitalize the letter "N.
But if you think these guys are gruesome then cast your mind back to mutant Rahkshi - non-living creatures that intimidate and threaten all around them.
Opfer (2002), found in his study that the children between the ages of 4 and 10 qualify the objects as living things or non-living things according to their functions.
In his speech, El-Sayyed said that several parliamentarians in the PAeIUs religious committee are unhappy with allowing transplants from non-living donors.
In large photographs and easy text, this book highlights the characteristics of living things and shows how they are all dependent on non-living things to stay alive.
A specialist in wastewater microbiology, Gerardi here details methods for examining living and non-living components of the mixed liquor in the activated sludge process.
Studies emphasizing epibiont host specificity have pointed out that some peritrichs are able to attach to only one or two host species, failing to colonize non-living substrates (Clamp, 1973; Henebry and Ridgeway, 1979; Gilbert and Schroder, 2003).