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not endowed with life

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Loewenstein argued further that by engaging in these activities, China has violated the sovereign rights of the Philippines with regard to living and non-living resources in its EEZ and continental shelf, Valte said.
Sexual arousal with non-living objects is known as Fetishism.
eIuI am sure that even if we manage to pass the law in the PA eI| which I have doubts about since many PA members oppose the idea of non-living donors eI| our main challenge will be [changing] cultural perception,eIN El-Sayyed said.
In large photographs and easy text, this book highlights the characteristics of living things and shows how they are all dependent on non-living things to stay alive.
A specialist in wastewater microbiology, Gerardi here details methods for examining living and non-living components of the mixed liquor in the activated sludge process.
All living and non-living substances are constituted by earth, water, fire, air, ether.
we see the living through the eyes of the non-living .
Products of biotechnology can be either non-living or living.
You may not know this but many non-living things have a gender.
If you have a lawn or garden that comes up to the edge of your property, you are advised to ``install a buffer strip of permeable, non-living ground cover such as gravel, rock mulch or decomposed granite between the plant material and the hardscape and move the sprinkler heads inward to the edge of the planting bed.
As the scientists clarify the fundamental architectural rules of these entities on the border between the living and the non-living worlds, they also find themselves on track toward practical payoffs.
Working with atoms this small, there is potential to modify all living and non-living matter and could lead to new materials for building and new ways of treating diseases.
Without CEO and leadership commitment and involvement, you are left with decaying non-living elements.
Obtaining these patent claims, which we expect will be issued in many other countries as well, is a significant development in the company's goal to be the first to market a non-living, subunit vaccine capable of being administered via a straightforward non-invasive, intranasal procedure.