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withdrawing from the activities of a group

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The offer of China may be a deviation from its official policy of non-involvement in the domestic affairs of other countries, despite the fact that it sells military weapons.
There is no explanation for Davies' non-involvement from the Top 14 leaders, but he did not feature on their list of injured players this week.
In decided cases 25 accused were released due to non-involvement in the drug offence while seven years,two months and 23 days imprisonment was also awarded in different cases.
The two countries, in the agreement, reportedly agreed to base their relations on the ground of the mutual respect of their independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, non-involvement in the domestic affairs, peaceful settlement of disputes and other international laws declared, in particular the UN Charter.
Nor can he feign non-involvement in the shock declarations of independence by various regions in Ukraine's Russian-speaking eastern territory.
Ferdinand - whose non-involvement in the World Cup will mean he is fully rested when next season starts - would be likely to get more playing time at QPR, who have headed the list of suitors for a while.
That level of detachment, apathy and non-involvement is hardly exclusive to Connecticut.
Iran's non-involvement in the Geneva talks could help pave the way for the Syrian opposition group National Coalition to participate.
Yes, we will miss it massively," said O'Shea (inset) about the likely non-involvement of English clubs next season.
The contribution of Indian expatriates to the socio-economic development of their host countries is well recognized and they are respected for their technical competence, sense of discipline, non-involvement in regional political issues and for their law-abiding nature," he added.
In Karakol, 23 people were detained during the disorders, 5 of them were later released due to non-involvement in the events.
According to the former President, Bulgaria's national interest strongly speaks of non-involvement.
It's easy to misunderstand something so simple and profound as "doing nothing" because it suggests quietism and non-involvement with issues.
So far the military and the police are taking the same position that they took during the Camel incident, which is clear non-involvement.
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