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withdrawing from the activities of a group

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The public works ministry is the official authority to receive Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital directly from the contractor when completed, Al-Shatti explained, reiterating his ministry's non-involvement in the handing over process tomorrow.
Not tomorrow, although his non-involvement has nothing to do with Manchester City's interest in him.
He mentioned that India's statement, about non-involvement of Pakistan in the attack at Pathankot airbase, was a good development for Pakistan.
However, Pamporidis appears confident that the ministry will be able to claim the money directly from the European Union, regardless of the WHO's non-involvement.
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- Iran's embassy in Azerbaijan has stressed its non-involvement in Nardaran's events, the embassy said Dec.
Slim Riahi affirmed that his party has proposed its list of candidates for delegate, noting that the real problem rests in the choice of incompetent candidates rather than the non-involvement of UPL.
In this time of worldwide crisis brought on by those who freely and willingly practice genocide, no one can hope to enjoy the luxury of non-involvement.
Gozon's explanation about the non-involvement of the other members of the Gozon Group in the retention of the downpayment.
However, there exists a condition on the Chelmsford City racecourse licence which relates to John Holmes's non-involvement in the management or direction of the racecourse business.
Step back, and if you can resist engaging in any dramas then so much the better as after Mercury goes forward there will reckoning to do and you are better doing it from a place of neutral non-involvement.
He Pakistan is committed to following a policy of non-interference and non-involvement in the internal affairs of other countries.
But the PLO said its traditional position of non-involvement had not changed.
While the VA and GSA scandals involved conferences organized by government employees for government employees, the non-involvement of industry did not shield market research conferences, scientific conferences or medical research conferences from the same harsh scrutiny.
Our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej reported last night that the channel had been blocked for failing to abide by the customs and conventions prevailing in the GCC countries, including neutral media stances and non-involvement in anything likely to affect negatively the spirit of GCC unity and solidarity.
There is no explanation for Davies' non-involvement from the Top 14 leaders, but he did not feature on their list of injured players this week.
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