non-flowering plant

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a plant that does not bear flowers

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In the simulations, replacing flowering plants with non-flowering plants in eastern North America reduced rainfall by up to 40 percent.
Washington, May 19 (ANI): A new study is helping shed light on the mystery of the sudden origin of flowering plants about 130 million years ago, with information about what the first flowers looked like and how they evolved from non-flowering plants.
While reading the text, I often found myself thinking that examples from the non-flowering plants would be illustrative.
At three elevations (1630 m, 1750 m, and 1830 m), we removed the underground rhizome of the first 10 flowering and first 10 non-flowering plants of each species and measured its dry mass ([+ or -] 0.
Mass of Polygonum rhizomes was significantly higher for flowering plants than for non-flowering plants (F = 38.
Photographs and descriptions of the flowering and non-flowering plants of Missouri, USA http://www.
Mean frequency of non-flowering plants within two sprase-flowering orchardgrass populations and seven orchardgrass cultivars evaluated for 2 yr at five locations.
Burdock (Arctium lappa): Roots of non-flowering plants harvested after frost make a vinegar that is deep and richly flavorful as well as a world-renowned tonic.
The interest in non-flowering plants has grown to such an extent that the show dedicated a marquee to a ``festival of foliage'', from hostas to tree ferns - though after the reports of environmental damage to Australia's tree-fern forests, I'm never comfortable with the idea of growing them.
The nurseries are filled with hundred of flowers like Chambeli (jasmine), motia (another jasmine variety), champa (plumeria), raat ki rani (cestrum), roses, nargis and the less-known din ka raja (cestrum diurnum), petunia antirrhinum, calendula, dog flowers and many other flowering and non-flowering plants.