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The evidential meaning was foregrounded when the non-finite verb form, which functioned as a complement of an utterance verb, became an independent clause, whereby the non-finite form acquired the function of a finite form (cf.
No such motivation can be found in the choice between a participial non-finite clause and a corresponding adjectival or adverbial finite subordinate clause.
However, [a] also occurs in other non-finite constructions followed by the pronominal possessive suffix (ProPoss), with or without the last affix [ne]: B-[a]-ProPoss(-[ne]) (e.
Kirsner and Thompson point out that non-finite complements to see "communicate basic physical perception while [finite complements to see] involve interpretation as well" (206).
In many languages there are also one or more forms that remain unchanged with all or most grammatical categories: the non-finite forms, such as the infinitive or the gerund.
They cover the Basque language today, dialects, external sources for historical research, phonetics and phonology, root structure and the reconstruction of proto-Basque, noun morphology, demonstratives and personal pronouns, finite and non-finite verbal morphology, and word order.
More recent presentations of the language have discerned a subset of stems relevant to the morphological correlation observed between finite conjugation forms and non-finite forms.
Specifically, the position of the negative with the "present" subjunctive is the position associated with the negating of a non-finite form.
attached, while the embedded clause consists of a non-finite verb bekchaeb to the tenseless form of which is attached the conjunctive
This software enables the valuation of individuals, industries and institutions, and allows corporate decision-makers to translate intangible and non-finite assets into definable values.
Subsequently, the author outlines the major assumptions to be tested in the research: "Cross-referential adnominal-person marking in Erzya is manifest in the range of noun phrases, personal pronouns and quantifiers, as well as, ad-positional and non-finite phrases.
In the next section of the book he presents a comparative morphology, addressing pronominal, anaphoric, and deictic stems; dual and plural markers; relational markers; derivational suffixes; non-finite and finite forms of verbs; negative/prohibitive particles; interrogative, relative, and indefinite stems; and indeclinables and concluding with a discussion of Proto-Indo-European morphology and its prehistoric development.
If the construction is non-finite, the subject must not be realized (and it must be coreferential with the subject of the matrix clause); for instance, I deliberately didn't read the book before going to see the film (Collins Cobuild 1990: 348).
The Company's premier breakthrough technology, Mediametrics(TM), is a peerless, non-finite state based, security solution.
Finno-Ugric languages, especially the Finnic branch, have a rich non-finite verb system.