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withdrawing from the activities of a group

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In Robyn Creswell's "Syria's Lost Spring," on the NYRBlog, Creswellexplores Syria through literature, particularly through the non-engagement of the nation's most famous poet, Adonis, and through the very-engaged collection Syria Speaks , ed.
Set a task or email reminder to follow up a consultation with a Non-Engagement Letter.
Table-1: Aetiological causes of non-engagement of head.
But this is now straddling "uncertain future" because of the justice department's ruling on non-engagement of the State in power generation business.
If they were concerned with non-engagement with support, the letter could and should have set that out as a reason for service of notice.
The picture of non-engagement and failure to respond to professionals from a variety of areas is a matter of great concern.
The problem for Washington and Seoul is that the further North Korea is perceived to be advancing its nuclear program, the larger the question mark over the effectiveness of non-engagement.
That is, the control group began with higher levels of overall engaged behavior, and active engagement, and lower levels of passive and non-engagement.
Experts and political analysts assess VMRO-DPMNE's non-engagement, as a larger Macedonian party, in the debates on the implementation of the Agreement, as lack of political courage and vision.
A ce sujet, l'animatrice deplore le non-engagement des responsables locaux dans l'emergence, l'encadrement et l'accompagnement de l'entreprenariat feminin.
The editors provide some evidence to support this claim of non-engagement via a census of articles on environmental issues in selected politics journals and it clearly speaks to the cause of interdisciplinary social-science research.
The authors also defined non-engagement, and suggest waiting (because no activity was present), attending to something other than the required activity, being out of the assigned seat/place, or engaging in any inappropriate behaviours (outside individually predetermined or stereotypical behaviour) as being indicators of non-engagement.
Finally, chapters 5, 8 and 11 deal with so-called minor Muslim countries, Tschacher writing on the frustrations of Muslims of Indian descent in Singapore, Muller on the reciprocal penetration of authoritarian state and Islam in Brunei and Z611ner on what he sees as the non-engagement between these two in Myanmar.
Inquiet du spectre d'une repetition du scenario grec, ainsi que du non-engagement des forces politiques a leurs devoirs et promesses a l'egard du FMI, ce dernier a decide l'arret des negociations a cet egard.
Delay and non-engagement represent only significant risks to both companies' shareholders.
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