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filled by appointment rather than by election

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Table 4-7: Amount of Consumer Out-of-pocket Expenditures for Non-Elective Procedures That Are Financed, 2001-2011
She was initially booked for an elective caesarean section but, given the nature of her pregnancy, detailed preparation was made for her eventual outcome of a non-elective out-of-hours caesarean section.
In univariate analysis, the likelihood of long-term survival was strongly associated with age, type of ICu admission (elective surgical, non-elective surgical or medical), severity of illness (APAChE II score, APS and number of organ failures), comorbidity and diagnosis.
Rates of non-elective admissions are amongst the highest in the country and are growing.
NAN reports that APC has been unable to hold the mandatory bi-annual non-elective convention since 2014 as stipulated in its constitution.
The USC program will require elective and non-elective courses in areas such as risk identification, risk mitigation and alternative methods for risk management.
Unlike a 401(k) or state-sponsored plan, the employer must contribute to the SIMPLE IRA -- either dollar-for-dollar matching (up to 3% of the employee's compensation) or a 2% non-elective contribution for all eligible employees.
It has also looked at certain specialised services commissioned by regional and national bodies, non-elective care and community services, all of which are also provided by the trusts.
In addition, Nick can make employer non-elective contributions up to 25% of his compensation, as defined by the plan.
Randomised double-blinded comparison of phenylephrine vs ephedrine for maintaining blood pressure during spinal anaesthesia for non-elective Caesarean section.
Kaye, who named her company after her grandmother, a casualty of breast cancer, is proud to offer a fully-adjustable sports bra that can be worn by women after experiencing non-elective reconstructive breast surgery.
According to the company, the study's primary composite endpoint evaluated the incidence of death or non-elective hospital readmissions 90-days after a patient left the hospital.
Writing in the BMJ, he said figures show that in England the proportion of all elective and non-elective procedures that were carried out as day cases each year went from a low of around 7 per cent in 1974 to nearly 35 per cent by 2013 - an increase from around 417,000 to 6.