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filled by appointment rather than by election

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The triennial reports include several demographic and procedural factors such as age, gender, American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status (ASA PS), elective versus non-elective procedure, teaching hospital versus non-teaching hospital, and specialist versus non-specialist anaesthetist, as well as opinions on whether the patient's condition was a significant factor in the death (subcategory H; Table 2) and further, whether there was any correctable anaesthetic factor that could have prevented the death (subcategory G; Table 2).
She has been an active member for the Oncology Nursing Society, American Nurses Association, Nevada Nurses Association with the legislative committee and recently as a non-elective position for the nomination committee, and Sigma Theta Tau International Zeta Kapa Chapter as the Chair for the Leadership Succession Committee.
Health chiefs had been given the controversial option of cutting non-elective emergency general surgery from Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.
and Smolak (psychology, Kenyon College) to cross-reference each other, the essays are organized into nine major sections that cover conceptual foundations, developmental perspectives, assessment considerations and methods, cultural differences, disorders and other medical contexts, elective and non-elective body alteration, psychosocial interventions for pathological body-images, and the future of body-image science.
Under current formulas, state lawmakers, who earn only $7,200 a year in salary, can leave with six-figure pensions if they rack up 35 years in the elected class system, which can include non-elective service in the military state agencies.
However, trauma and spine markets cover more non-elective types of procedures, which has been key to Synthes'success.
The 401(k) contributions, when converted from unused or forfeited PTO days, qualify as an employer non-elective contribution, thus allowing employees to contribute up to their annual maximum plus any catch-up contribution if they are over a specified age.
For employers with fewer than 25 employees, a new tax credit equal to 35 percent of non-elective contributions made by the employer is available.
These associations were found among patients with both cancer and non-cancer diagnoses and for both elective and non-elective admissions.
An innovative start-up business, Hayati is being recognised regionally as a pioneering healthcare venture in the Gulf region which provides loans for elective and non-elective medical procedures which medical insurance companies do not cover.
On the other hand, I also believed that as an emergency radiologist I really did not need to be too bothered by our heavy utilization of CT because, after all, we were addressing emergent and non-elective situations and, therefore, the ends justified the means.
Few non-elective citizens have made as much of an impact on the American political scene in the past three decades as Brian Lamb, the man principally responsible for bring the on-floor deliberations and the public hearings Congress onto the television screens of the American people through C-SPAN (the House) and C-SPAN 2 (the Senate).
Non-elective contributions generally must be allocated in direct proportion to an employee's yearly compensation up to $225,000 (in 2007, adjusted annually for cost of living increased.
Non-elective boards, for example, do not control roads and waste disposal and the archive picture of a Government minister opening Spaghetti Junction - as this was a national motorway/trunk road scheme, not a county council project - bears no real relation to the text of the story.