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Synonyms for non-conducting

not able to conduct heat or electricity or sound

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A proprietary non-conducting Permashield stress control layer as the conductor shield.
In the proposed painting process, the dielectric spacer is realized by a uniform and repeated application of a suitable non-conducting paint with desirable dielectric properties.
The LCLS experiment also showed researchers how the electronic structure of the sample rearranged into non-conducting "islands" surrounded by electrically conducting regions, which began to form just hundreds of quadrillionths of a second after a laser pulse struck the sample.
Smolentsev [13] discussed magnetohydrodynamic flows in a conducting rectangular duct witha non-conducting flow channel insert in a constant transverse magnetic field.
The conducting or non-conducting property of each cell is defined using binary encoding.
The ability of terahertz energy to penetrate non-conducting materials allows for the inspection of solid and liquid products that have already been packaged, Advanced Photonix said.
The method also eliminates the non-conducting metallic CNTs.
The dealer will check the operation of the switch and if operating properly it will be given a special, non-conducting lubrication.
He discovered the material wasn't unstable, but flipped between conducting and non-conducting states very predictably.
Recent studies of a similar nature with temperature dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity have been carried out by, among others, Sharma and Singh [22] for flow along a vertical non-conducting plate with internal heat generation and by Rahman et.
An inter-electrode gap (IEG) is provided between the workpiece and cathode gear to prevent short-circuiting by sandwiching a conducting gear between two non-conducting gears and undercutting the profile of the conducting gear as compared with that of the non-conducting gears.
It contains an array of 32 sensors, each of which is made of a composite material consisting of conductive carbon black homogeneously blended throughout a non-conducting polymer.
The instrument can also generate high fields for samples suspended in non-conducting organic solvents.