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Synonyms for non-conducting

not able to conduct heat or electricity or sound

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The study shows how such conducting and non-conducting states can coexist and create electrical pathways in next-generation transistors.
The sensors are made of a composite material consisting of conducive carbon black and are homogenously blended completely by a non-conducting polymer.
Non-conducting of the Abyei referendum threatens peace and stability in Sudan," he said.
dirt or sand) that conducts electrical energy from the earth (avoid non-conducting materials such as wood, asphalt and plastic) for at least half an hour.
The non-conducting fraction and non-magnetic fraction of HIMS subjected to gravity table to recover sillimanite and zircon minerals as pre-concentrate.
X-Rays were first produced by William Morgan, of Bridgend, in 1785 by boiling mercury, the results of which are mentioned in passing in his paper Electrical Experiments Made in Order to Ascertain the Non-Conducting Power of a Also a pioneer of radar in the 1940s, George saw the potential importance of "artificial rain" for an arid Australia, where he was living at the time.
Like any electrical cable, they operate much better if they are insulated by a non-conducting material.
Spansion's proprietary MirrorBit technology stores charges in two distinct locations on a non-conducting nitride storage medium to deliver fundamental cost, quality and manufacturing advantages and competitiveness.
After constructing a similar coil as those commonly used in our operating theatres around a non-conducting core, we subjected it to an electromagnetic field as generated by a typical active theatre extension lead.
Non-conducting soles and no nails in the shoes themselves for work with electricity
An inert, non-conducting, non-corrosive liquid is first atomised and then sprayed directly onto the components.
Lightning Master Corporation of Clearwater, FL has developed a static drain for use in fiberglass and other non-conducting tanks.
As is well known, for a non-conducting medium at rest, Maxwell's electromagnetic equations, when no charge is present, reduce to
There must be perfect drainage and no admission of air beneath, ample ventilation and complete dryness above, and sufficient non-conducting material for packing below, above, and around the ice; sawdust being one of the best.
When using a power drill, choose a model that has a plastic non-conducting body.