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Masuzoe was non-committal, Kyod o news service said.
The most important thing is to provide high-quality answers to the citizens instead of mere non-committal responses," Otorbayev said.
Mayweather was non-committal when asked if Khan would be his next opponent.
Bhairav Trivedi, the CEO of Network International is non-committal about any IPO plans in the near future.
According to Sport24, the British media claimed that Flower has threatened to quit if Pietersen continued to be part of the team's rebuilding process, although Cook was non-committal about the future of the leading run-scorer of the recent Ashes series, and just said that he is focusing on the one-day series at the moment.
Coach Doug Marrone was non-committal about Manuel's chances after the first-round draft pick tested his injured left knee Tuesday.
However, Jauhar Town Police Station is non-committal in this regard.
The sign outside the cage reads: "These animals live in non-committal, mixed-gender groups and mate with every possible partner," according to the Bild newspaper.
The striker was non-committal on his future at the National Stadium, insisting he would celebrate the Double before assessing his next move.
Cong non-committal on fate of Bansal Congress remained non-committal on the fate of Union ministers P K Bansal, whose nephew was arrested on bribery charge, and Ashwani Kumar accused of altering the CBI probe report on Coalgate.
Although that still appears to be the most likely scenario, Draper was non-committal as he added: "You have to remember he hasn't raced since April and whatever he does now will tell me when and where to go with him.
Replying to a query regarding questions put up by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif remained non-committal, saying, "My son gave fairly satisfactory answers regarding Imran.
While dismissive of suggestions pounds 35m club record signing Carroll may leave on loan during the transfer window, Rodgers was non-committal over the long-term future of the striker.
The politician is an arachnid Trying to trap you in his web But I don't play silly games Don't wear another man's coat I take the non-committal line Don't register to vote This actually annoys them It's not what they expect I'm talking of well-known low-life Who can't command respect You may say it's undemocratic Not to use my valuable vote This the option I choose Because they don't float my boat Tut, tut, I hear you say What a stupid waste Remember imitation gems Are simply made of paste Jock Brownlee, Loxley Close, Wood End, Coventry.
Well, Sam who has been sick and goes to his Uncle Nick for recuperation, is taken to the Wild Food Festival in Hokitika on the West Coast of New Zealand (a real event it must be said) is at first hesitant and non-committal but Uncle Nick's perseverance pays off and Sam begins to delight in wild ways and wild food.
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