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operated by hand

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Guns Blazing If you prefer non-automatic pistols, pick up Gunslinger for extra damage and a chance to disarm opponents.
For forms due in 2017, filers may request only a single 30-day non-automatic extension.
As such, both the Energy Policy Act and the Natural Gas Act provide discretionary, non-automatic licensing authority to federal government agencies to determine the scope of US-originating, cross-border energy flows.
After non-automatic licences were revoked in early 2013, due to the government's need to boost consumption, get inflation under control and obtain tighter control of illegal imports, retail sales are expected to recover by 1% after contracting by more than 9% during the forecast period.
Therefore, in 2014, this category was still suffering from the impact of import restrictions imposed in 2011 and later strengthened in 2012 and 2013 through the non-automatic licence program.
Meanwhile, Michael Rimmer was a relieved man after edging into tonight's 800m final as the fastest non-automatic qualifier.
If you're lucky, you can get a second hand, powerful,non-TTL (a non-automatic model) for less than Php3,000.
Were used the following methods: the automatic objective evaluation using the METEOR [3] metric, the non-automatic evaluation using weighted Levenshtein edit-distance [4] on a human corrected output of the translation system, the non-automatic subjective evaluation following [5] guidelines.
Model 83 non-automatic, selective numbering machine rotates wheels to different sequences without use of spanner wrench.
If you're using a non-automatic sprinkler, make sure that the head sprays large droplets and that the hose has a minimum diameter of 0.
Also concerned are the directives on non-automatic weighing instruments, measuring instruments, simple pressure vessels, lifts, explosives for civil uses, electromagnetic compatibility, low-voltage electrical equipment and equipment used in explosive atmospheres.
19 seconds on Saturday to finish a distant fourth, then waited anxiously before learning he had advanced as the second and last quickest non-automatic qualifier.
Non-technical measures include charges, taxes and other para-tariff measures in addition to ordinary customs duties; quantity control measures such as non-automatic licences or quotas; pre-shipment inspections and formalities such as automatic licences; rules of origin; finance measures such as terms of payment or exchange rate regulations; and price control measures.
These measures include the "overly broad" use of non-automatic import licensing trade balancing requirements and pre-registration and pre-approval of all imports into Argentina.
To slow import growth, Argentina raised the number of goods requiring non-automatic import licenses last year.
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