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91degC, 25degC and 20degC) on morpho-agronomic performance, badh2 gene expression, 2AP concentration and phenotypic aroma score of five aromatic and a non-aromatic (control) rice genotype.
The upgraded wax inhibitor is a non-aromatic solvent based carrier fluid.
Therefore, a field study was undertaken to evaluate the B requirement of two most popular non-aromatic rice genotypes of Pakistan.
The four non-aromatic grape varietals are quebranta, negra criolla, mollar and uvina.
Non-basmati exports are set to cross the four-million tonne mark during FY12, thanks to the lifting of ban from the non-aromatic rice shipments in September last year.
The non-aromatic grapes include Negro Corriente (Common Black), Quebranta, Mollar and Ubina (Uvina).
A light non-aromatic olive oil is recommended for baby massage (by many healthcare professionals) because it can improve 'dry skin'.
Pisco is a Peruvian and Chilean specialty, developed by Spanish settlers in the 16th century and produced in four varieties: 'puro' from non-aromatic grapes--quenbranta, mollar, ubina, or negra criolla; 'aromatico' from aromatic grapes--torntel, italia, albilla or muscatel; 'acholado' from a blend of non-aromatic and aromatic grapes; and 'mosto verde' from partially fermented grapes.
has received a patent for a golf ball comprised of a core, a cover layer encasing the core and at least one coating layer encasing the cover layer, wherein the coating layer is formed of a two-part, reactive composition comprised of a first part comprised of 5% or greater of a radiation-curable iso(thio)cyanate, wherein each molecule has at least one non-aromatic carbon-carbon unsaturation; and a second part comprised of at least one iso(thio)cyanate-reactive chemical; wherein the golf ball further comprises at least one indicia layer adjoining the coating layer, and wherein the indicia layer is formed from an ink composition comprised of one or more radiation-curable moieties crosslinkable to the radiation-curable iso(thio)cyanate in the coating layer.
It took a year and a half to develop, but the company was able to do it by using non-aromatic wood, for example, and organic cotton.
Elution column chromatograph was used for the separation and determination of aromatic and non-aromatic fractions present in diesel.
Materials with improved refractive indices as well as reduced explosive unfolding are prepared by copolymerizing aromatic siloxane macromonomers with one or more non-aromatic monomers.
The export of long grained, aromatic, fine quality rice (called basmati) goes mainly to Middle East market while long grain non-aromatic rice are exported each year to South and Southeast Asia.
The endosperm of Earl is non-glutinous, non-aromatic, and has a light brown pericarp.
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