non-Euclidean geometry

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(mathematics) geometry based on axioms different from Euclid's

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Non-Euclidean geometry was included to show a different perspective and geometrical sense than the one we live in.
In the second part of this project we look at the same problems with taxicab geometry--a non-Euclidean geometry system that may be more useful under certain circumstances, for example when movements are constrained by having to follow roads.
Research interests: geometry of navigation, Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), Electronic Chart Systems (ECS), Integrated Navigation Systems (INS/ IBS), safety of marine navigation, differential and non-Euclidean geometry.
To take one example, in Chapter Six Thiher explicates Musil's epistemology via background knowledge of Mach, Einsteinean relativity, and non-Euclidean geometry, thereby accounting for Musil's complex relation to Enlightenment (scientific) rationality (161).
Today, the non-Euclidean geometry of Gauss, Lobachevsky and Bolyai is called hyperbolic geometry, and the term non- Euclidean refers to any geometry that is not Euclidean.
1040) on the foundations of Euclidean geometry, leading him in the process to prove theorems in non-Euclidean geometry, including a formulation of what is today called the Strong Hilbert Axiom of Parallels.
Parsons puts the point this way: "the development of non-Euclidean geometry and its applications in physics were, historically, the main reasons why Kant's theory of geometry and space came to be rejected.
The Fifth Postulate: How Unraveling a Two-Thousand-Year-Old Mystery Unraveled the Universe Jason Socrates Bardi The story of the discovery of non-Euclidean geometry.
Did people have some inkling of non-Euclidean geometry, some premonition that the parallel postulate might be false?
Yaglom, A simple Non-Euclidean geometry and its physical basic, Springer-Verlag Inc, New York, 1979.
Topics include non-Euclidean geometry in the fourth dimension, space and hyperspace, the fourth dimension algebraically considered, the ascending state of dimensions, possible measurements and forms in a system of four dimensions, and several articles speculating on what happens beyond length, breadth and depth.
Since Foreign Office Architects completed their pier in Yokohama (AR January 2003), such artificial landscapes have become common on the drawing boards of students and young architects, but few of them are based on anything more than fashion and delight in being able to manipulate non-Euclidean geometry.
Angell, (3) and others (4) with discovering non-Euclidean geometry over half a century before the mathematicians--sixty years before Lobachevsky and ninety years before Riemann.
That means that non-Euclidean geometry is itself the result of work done by the speculative mind of philosophy within mathematics.
And though chaos theory, non-Euclidean geometry, physics, and contemporary cosmology provide trajectories for much of the work here, Waldrop's "crow does not fly as the crow flies" (28).