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a religious person who is not a Catholic

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5 the Vatican released a document bluntly asserting that the Catholic Church is the only "instrument for the salvation of all humanity" and calling non-Catholic religious bodies "defective.
When the pope and the Catholic hierarchy attempt to obtrude their archaic and misogynistic positions on laws which affect millions of non-Catholics (and Catholics, most of whom ignore the pronouncements of elderly celibates with no conception of life and love in the real world), they are trespassing where they don't belong.
With regard to the letter in your December 2005 issue pertaining to non-Catholics receiving Holy Communion, I find it puzzling that this can be done at all.
My sister and I went to the local public school kindergarten (the Catholic school didn't have one) with many non-Catholic classmates.
Most non-Catholics do not believe in the doctrine of the Real Presence.
The high schools in our area feel that for the sake of diversity they should accept non-Catholic students.
Although many of the people served in Catholic hospitals are non-Catholic, the facilities have always retained a distinctly sectarian flavor and remain under the tight control of the U.
It is unknown exactly how many non-Catholic students attend Catholic schools, but some estimates say up to one-third of the students in some Catholic school divisions are not Catholic.
A HEADTEACHER says his school has lost around 150 pupils since free bus travel for its non-Catholic students was axed.
But non-Catholic pupils must pay to use the Flintshire County Council bus, or for a more expensive pass on a minibus operated by the school.
The rise in those with no religion has been accompanied by a decline in the percentages of Protestants and other non-Catholic Christians, the ranks of which have fallen from as high as 70% of the population, down to about 50% today.
A blog post asked whether non-Catholic students should get a pass on attending religious services and courses in Catholic schools.
Simply stated, "I Ask You to Pray for Me: Opening a Horizon of Hope", a 102 page compendium of counseling and commentary by Pope Frances, should be considered mandatory reading by every Catholic and by every non-Catholic with an interest in what Pope Frances is seeking to accomplish in these troubled times.
It is hoped the discussions will result in a return to both Catholic and non-Catholic pupils sharing the same buses to and from St Benet Biscop Catholic High in Bedlington.
It has meant the school having to pay for three extra buses for its non-Catholic pupils, and sparked claims from angry parents that the change is effectively segregation based on faith.
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