non sequitur

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a reply that has no relevance to what preceded it

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(logic) a conclusion that does not follow from the premises

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Woloski teeters and bumbles his way through the role of Doober like a bumper car gone wild, delivering his non sequiturs with masterful timing.
The New Straits Times said the Non Sequitur cartoon was let-through by its sub-editor in charge because it was deemed ''inoffensive'' as it bore no image of the prophet or words offensive to Islam.
In other words, a non sequitur is the essence of illogic.
The caption would be a harmless non sequitur except that it appears to gratuitously blame the victims of human-perpetrated pollution.
RELATED ARTICLE: Choice-utility risk and orthodoxy's great economic non sequitur
It sounds like it should be a non sequitur, like flying mole, or trophy-winning Spurs team.
And the idea that employment "of the affected workers" will not suffer because the affected wages are only a small part of costs is a non sequitur at best.
But take a normal course on logic and you are likely to be dozed to sleep with melatonin-laced nostrums like non sequitur, if p then q, and syllogistic fallacies.
One non sequitur says that, "if we must act in accordance with a correct conscience, then the obverse is also true: we must not follow a false or incorrect conscience.
The essay is brief and breezily appreciative, and tends to repetition or non sequitur as the imitative page layouts require.
According to InsureMe employee James Omdahl, who directs and edits the short videos, they are meant to both inform and entertain, providing viewers with shopping tips, timely insurance news and the occasional non sequitur.
ANSWERS: The large intestine; 2 The Pope (John Paul II) visited; 4 Kazakhstan; 5 Nine; 6 South Africa; 7 Tobermory; 8 The Strait of Messina; 9 Music Of The Sun; 10 Non Sequitur.
The New Straits Times said the Non Sequitur cartoon was let through by its subeditor in charge, who deemed it ''inoffensive'' as it bore no image of the prophet or words offensive to Islam.
The first of these uses nonsense and non sequitur to ridicule the failure of the American Dream.
This non sequitur was so appealing to him that he repeated it in six more columns.