non compos mentis

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Synonyms for non compos mentis



Synonyms for non compos mentis

Synonyms for non compos mentis

not of sound mind, memory, or understanding

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In the tradition of the Leiden school of fine painting, Bruijn's expert brush meticulously fills a detailed and multifaceted canvas of the rich and variegated lives of eighteenth-century Company schippers, from capable "humane heads of ships" to brutal and drunken commanders non compos mentis, both on land and at sea (264-274).
Point by point and term by term, he patiently tests whether general statements of principle found in tracts such as Henry Swinburne's A Brief Treatise of Teastaments and Last Wills (1590) and John Brydall's Non Compos Mentis (1700) were applied and honored in practice.
And, in a scenario that mirrors Houston's purported break with Crawford, my lover relegated our romance to the realm of non compos mentis (not being of sound mind).
The demands made by non compos mentis and muzzy general therefore are irrational; there is no way the SPLM leadership could waste time talking his terms.