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a graphic representation of numerical relations


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This was done to facilitate comparison with a flexible-duct pressure loss nomograph currently under development by ADI.
Described by PTI as an "ideal tool for plastic processors, resin producers, lab techs, plant production, equipment manufacturers and others involved in the PET process," the nomograph can be located in the iTunes App Store by searching for "PET nomograph.
Wischmeier WH, Johnson CB, Cross BV (1971) A soil erodibility nomograph for farmland and construction sites.
However, their form is complex and most designers just use friction charts or a nomograph.
More recently Eldredge [4] presentenced a method to reverse engineer a nomograph graph.
In their study, the contaminant transport data was pre-computed and stored and then was interpreted with a nomograph technique.
USLE K values were determined for each of the 10 soils using the nomograph (based on soil texture, soil structure and permeability) developed by Wischmeier et al.
A nomograph (Figure 14-9) has been developed that relates drain discharge and grade for selecting an appropriate-diameter drain.
Figure 61 is an example of what is known as a combination chart or nomograph, a type of chart widely used in engineering (Davis 1943).
In addition, the company's catalog features a blower and fan selection nomograph to assist designers in evaluating their cooling requirement.
5 (9,12,15-Octa- decatrienoate) (a) calculated, (b) according to the nomograph Table 8.
The results from the deWaard, Lotz, and Milliams corrosion rate nomograph demonstrate that the calculated unmitigated corrosion rate matches precisely with the actual corrosion rate experienced in the failed pipeline segment.
A nomograph is an easily understood approach to this yearly employee problem of selecting an FSA designated amount.
The correlation between the joining parameter, weld strength, and weld conditions is summarized in a set of nomographs: a unique nomograph exists for each type of polyethylene tested.