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the system of patronage in communist countries

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Much more shocking to the nomenklatura has been the courageous stand by that minority of public figures who have defended Brexit and the desire for independence, democracy, and the rule of law and simple political decency which it reflects.
As a ruling class, the party nomenklatura did not totally control the means of production in an ownership sense.
I think the first order of business is to disrupt and dismantle the newly emerged nomenklatura system that the Islamists have been trying hard to establish in the political and economic system of Turkey to sustain their grip on power.
According to this, the former nomenklatura did not succeed in transforming into strong post communist elite who could rule the society (16).
15) They all belong to the Central Committee's nomenklatura.
Les Londoniens redoutent qu'ils n'aggravent les embouteillages et les ont rebaptises "Zil Lanes", par assimilation aux voies jadis reservees aux limousines Zil de la nomenklatura, en ex-URSS.
Reikia zinoti konkrecia tam tikru laikotarpiu pageidaujamu produktu nomenklatura ir kiekius, kad butu galima materialiai ir techniskai pasirengti darbui, numatyti tikslias uzduotis kiekvienai darbo vietai (Sakalas et al.
They were centred in the armed forces; a huge nomenklatura scattered across the federal bureaucracy and newly nationalised industries; the so-called Boliburgesia (Bolivarian bourgeoisie) of traders and bankers grown rich working the angles of a corrupt system; and the poor, whom Chavez has helped - and, his critics claim, has manipulated.
Stalin had long since fallen from favour with the nomenklatura, so around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall it was "Lenin Street" and "Engels Square" signs that were being prised off the walls of the capital.
Yet except for the nomenklatura and the communist-approved elites in big cities, this is how the Polish population lived.
After 30 years as the favored car of Cuban nomenklatura, the Russian-built Lada has spotted a Chinese rival in its rear-view mirror.
Former generals of the secret police and members of the Communist nomenklatura , untouchable in their comfortable villas and retirements, must derive great pleasure from watching today's witch hunts and manipulation of old files for immediate political purposes.
I use a simple human design, model that synthesizes a number of models: (1) It assumes that an elite of "system electors" (the Soviet nomenklatura, the Central Committee, or some was also other authoritative grouping) periodically decides whether to continue the status quo (the administrative command system) or "defect" to an "outside option" (replacement of the administrative command system with another system).
My guess is that there is appetite for real change in the way the EU is run among the peoples of Europe; but if Governments continue to sideline their voters and choose to consolidate an unelected and unaccountable nomenklatura, national self interests will argue for a different relationship with the EU than the present one.