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the system of patronage in communist countries

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That answers the earlier question: in current circumstances, international organizations can only be about imposing the will of some countries on others or imposing the will of a nomenklatura on everyone.
Ilgainiui technine pazanga gerokai praplete ir papilde statiniu konstrukciju nomenklatura, o kai kurios is ju tapo nebenaudojamos, nes atsirado nauju idomesniu architekturiniu atzvilgiu ir pazangesniu konstrukciniu, ekonominiu, gamtosaugos bei kitais poziuriais inzineriniu sprendimu.
Bulgaria and Romania went through the motions of renouncing communism after the fall of the Berlin Wall, but the reforms were cosmetic, and most of the party nomenklatura managed to cling on.
Taigi, kuriant Nacionaline kvalifikaciju sistema, identifikuojamos darbo rinkoje paklausios kompetencijos, parengiami profesiniai standartai, atspindintys realiai ukyje egzistuojanciu kvalifikaciju nomenklatura ir ivardijantys kompetenciju derinius, sudarancius kvalifikaciju turini (Lietuvos nacionalines kvalifikaciju .
Both authors argue that in the aftermath of the collapse of communist institutional structure, members of the nomenklatura were able to use their political influence to accumulate wealth.
54) Alternatively, Gil Eyal and Eleanor Townley proposed that the year a respondent first advances to a nomenklatura position could be operationalised as the year he/she first advances to a position of authority in the elite.
Les Londoniens redoutent qu'ils n'aggravent les embouteillages et les ont rebaptises "Zil Lanes", par assimilation aux voies jadis reservees aux limousines Zil de la nomenklatura, en ex-URSS.
The crack between the NCP bigwigs, recycled time and again in the central government, and the wider nomenklatura that grids the regime in the states, has repeatedly produced threatening dissenters, from the rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) to ambitious local strongmen like the former governor of South Darfur, Abd al-Hameed Musa Kasha and the former governor of Gedaref, Karamalla Abbas.
Reikia zinoti konkrecia tam tikru laikotarpiu pageidaujamu produktu nomenklatura ir kiekius, kad butu galima materialiai ir techniskai pasirengti darbui, numatyti tikslias uzduotis kiekvienai darbo vietai (Sakalas et al.
Unfortunately, it now appears that some positions have given birth to a new nomenklatura ( taken from the practice of the Communist Party where only designated cadre can hold key administrative positions.
They were centred in the armed forces; a huge nomenklatura scattered across the federal bureaucracy and newly nationalised industries; the so-called Boliburgesia (Bolivarian bourgeoisie) of traders and bankers grown rich working the angles of a corrupt system; and the poor, whom Chavez has helped - and, his critics claim, has manipulated.
Boettke points to the nomenklatura as evidence to support the model of a rent-seeking society.
Should the torturers of the secret police and the Communist nomenklatura, (2) for instance, be included in this privatization scheme and become the private owners of the police stations and government palaces where they administered and planned their crimes?