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a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role

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A statement from Ahrar al-Sham said the blast in the town of Ram Hamdan killed Abboud, also known by the nom de guerre Abu Abdullah al-Hamwi, along with 11 other top leaders, including military and religious figures.
I also expect a bigger role for Abu Mazen (a nom de guerre for the Palestinian president) in the next stage after his role in reaching and promoting this agreement, which he himself declared.
Among those killed in Ilovaysk was a Ukrainian-American known by the nom de guerre of Franko, said Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the interior minister.
Most of the British-born fighters, using the nom de guerre Al Britani, have had their Twitter and other online accounts suspended.
Most of the British jihadi fighters, using the nom de guerre Al Britani, have had their Twitter and other online accounts suspended.
The CIA had claimed that they ultimately traced bin Laden after Mohammed had confirmed that he knew an important Al-Qaeda courier with the nom de guerre Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.
Nom De Guerre can banish a losing streak by claiming the Katherine Swynford Handicap Chase.
Saleh, known by the nom de guerre Hajji Mareh, was a merchant from the town of Mareh in the countryside north of Aleppo.
Baradar was once a close friend of the reclusive, one-eyed Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, who gave him his nom de guerre, "Baradar" or "brother", and still enjoys much respect among Taliban fighters.
The author of the tip-sheet found in Timbuktu is Abdallah bin Muhammad, the nom de guerre for a senior commander of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen-based branch of the terror network.
CDATA[ Yair was the nom de guerre of brilliant leader Avraham Stern, who in 1940 broke away from the Irgun Tzva'i Le'umi (Etzel) to found Lohamei Herut Yisrael (LEHI, the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel, called by the British the "Stern Gang".
From "Abbas, Abu," the nom de guerre of the Palestinian who engineered the hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985, to "Zurich Airport Attack," the 1969 attack on an El Al airliner by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, this two-volume encyclopedia presents some 400 alphabetical entries describing events, individuals, groups, incidents, and trends relevant to the study of contemporary global terrorism.
Israel has long been suspected of slaying Khalil al-Wazir, who was better known by his nom de guerre Abu Jihad, in Tunis, the country's capital.
Born Raymond Samuel on July 31, 1914, to Jewish parents who were deported to Auschwitz, he and his wife - born Lucie Bernard - took up the nom de guerre "Aubrac" after joining the Resistance early on in the Second World War.
Guterres, popularly known by his nom de guerre Lu Olo, of the Revolutionary Front of an Independent East Timor, or Fretilin, was top at 27.