nolle prosequi

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Synonyms for nolle prosequi

an entry in the court record to the effect that the plaintiff or prosecutor will not proceed


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drop prosecution of by entering a nolle prosequi in the court records

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Cliona Saidlear of the organisation said: "We would like to have a breakdown of reasons for all of the nolle prosequis, which are stays on proceedings for various unidentified reasons.
It is the same situation according also to the new Code of Criminal Procedure in force, mentioning that the same indictment may order to sue a defendant at law, to release from criminal prosecution and enter nolle prosequi or to drop criminal charges with regard to other deeds or other suspects or defendants and dismissal of action.
Ms Broadhurst and her family refused to comment on the issue in her final years and the CPS were also reluctant to lift the nolle prosequi order which would have required considerable pressure from law enforcement agencies.
Thatnowseems increasingly unlikely after the Attorney General's office told the Sunday Mercury that papers relating to her Nolle Prosequi order have been destroyed'Following a search of our paper and electronic records, I have established that the information you requested appears to have been destroyed,' said a spokesman.
21) After negotiating with a particular prosecutor for dismissal of the case, defense counsel was told that the case would be placed on calendar for the announcement of a nolle prosequi.
He caused amazement by dusting off a centuries- old power of his office - known as nolle prosequi - to set aside the case.
The previous attorney-general also dealt a big blow to the institution he served, when in 2013 using his position, he issued a nolle prosequi for a case in which his son was charged for committing several serious traffic violations.
A nol pros or nolle prosequi, is a court filing reflecting a prosecutor's decision not to proceed with a criminal case after charges have been brought.
But Miss Broadhurst was spared from appearing in the dock when the Attorney-General took the rare step of issuing an ancient nolle prosequi order because she was said she was close to death after suffering from cancer
MacArthur received a life sentence for the murder of nurse Bridie Gargan with a lump hammer in the Summer of 1982, but the State entered a plea of nolle prosequi in the case of his second victim.
Mrs Broadhurst was granted a nolle prosequi order which are issued only in cases where the defendant is suffering from a "mental or physical incapacity that is expected to be permanent".
The Old Bailey was told that Attorney General John Morris had taken the extremely rare step of intervening with a Nolle Prosequi ruling.
A former attorney-general, making a mockery of every sense of the rule of law, issued a nolle prosequi for his son who was facing a host of charges for traffic offences.
He walked free from the Central Criminal Court after the DPP ordered that a nolle prosequi be entered with his presumption of innocence still intact.