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full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds


attracting attention by showiness or bright colors

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Observing all this in the first comprehensive glance with which a stranger surveys a place that is new to him, Nicholas sat himself down in the box next to the noisy party, with his back towards them, and postponing his order for a pint of claret until such time as the waiter and one of the elderly gentlemen should have settled a disputed question relative to the price of an item in the bill of fare, took up a newspaper and began to read.
One often encountered in the most frequented street, in the most crowded and noisy market, in the very middle, under the feet of the horses, under the wheels of the carts, as it were, a cellar, a well, a tiny walled and grated cabin, at the bottom of which a human being prayed night and day, voluntarily devoted to some eternal lamentation, to some great expiation.
The truth is," replied Dantes, "that I am too happy for noisy mirth; if that is what you meant by your observation, my worthy friend, you are right; joy takes a strange effect at times, it seems to oppress us almost the same as sorrow.
Fernand closed his eyes, a burning sensation passed across his brow, and he was compelled to support himself by the table to prevent his falling from his chair; but in spite of all his efforts, he could not refrain from uttering a deep groan, which, however, was lost amid the noisy felicitations of the company.
Around the table reigned that noisy hilarity which usually prevails at such a time among people sufficiently free from the demands of social position not to feel the trammels of etiquette.
At the same instant his ear caught a sort of indistinct sound on the stairs, followed by the measured tread of soldiery, with the clanking of swords and military accoutrements; then came a hum and buzz as of many voices, so as to deaden even the noisy mirth of the bridal party, among whom a vague feeling of curiosity and apprehension quelled every disposition to talk, and almost instantaneously the most deathlike stillness prevailed.
LIVING next to a noisy wind farm can lead some people to become stressed and lose sleep, a Government review has found.
The crackdown, on the Horseshoe Pass, near Llangollen, came after several complaints from the public about noisy bikers.
At its regular biweekly session, the council also reviewed a number of other recommendations aimed at curbing the phenomenon of noisy vehicles used by some young people for 'show rides.
Third volume in a series including bird, bug and frog calls, "A Noisy Bird Sing-Along" introduces specific songs or distinctive sounds made by twelve different species of birds, with the call or sound outlined in contrasting color text against a lifelike full color portrait of the bird in its natural habitat.
The NOISY SING-ALONG collection by John Himmelman is a wonderful way to connect children with science and nature.
Today you could win an amazing new outfit by Danish brand Noisy May.
On this the rules are quite clear: noisy works shouldn't take place outside of 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday, and 8am-1pm on Saturdays.
said: "A noisy kettle can really get on your nerves, while those who own a quiet model often say it's their favourite thing about it.
At the Wood Street venue from December 6, the Noisy Table is a ping-pong table which creates an electronic sound sculpture as it is played.