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Synonyms for noiselessness

the absence of sound or noise

Words related to noiselessness

the property of making no noise

References in classic literature ?
Then he who had sent them away stole silently to the tent flap and untying the fastenings entered with the noiselessness of a disembodied spirit.
Cautiously he lowered himself over the edge of the cliff, and with utter noiselessness commenced the descent toward the bottom of the gulch.
With clenched fists, and tight set jaws the great, soulless giant moved across the dark chamber with the stealthy noiselessness of a tiger.
His first thought was that the prostrate figure was that of some wounded or dying man, but as he watched it he saw it writhe along the ground and into the hall with the rapidity and noiselessness of a serpent.
8220;I love it, its really cool, and its easy to use, I also like how it picks up sound a it happens rather than recording hours of noiselessness.
From our reading we see repeated images that show the unity of humans, vegetations, seeming opposites and ideas (Oneness Archetype); we see recurring images that show noiselessness, stillness and quietude (Void Archetype), and Okri's diction repetitively evokes images of longing, yearning and thirst (Nostalgia Archetype).
The crowded studio falls silent, and a half-beat before that noiselessness turns awkward, director Lowe, who looks like he could be Stallones' fraternal twin, speaks up in defense, "It's an experimental film, I was trying to capture the feeling of being here.