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of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind

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Because Frankl's aim was a rehumanisation of psychotherapy, most of his writings are concerned with spelling out the noetic dimension.
Peter Fenwick, a London neuropsychiatrist and one of Schlitz's interviewees, studies the physical and mental changes that occur in the death process, using both scientific explanation and noetic insight.
According to Gordon, the traditional interpretation accepts that it does, but Gordon argues that 42a-b describes the Demiurge's own work, and thus that eros, or the capacity for eros, is part of our original noetic and divine condition.
If we are to understand the ancient meaning of contemplation properly, it is important to recognize that noetic and dianoetic activity may never be completely divorced from one another.
1) The insularity problem arises when different believers possess divergent noetic structures whose beliefs contradict one another and, most problematically, lack common grounds on which to adjudicate their claims.
Husserl's developed view of intentionality structurally embeds the presentation of an object in a pregiven horizon of possible presentations that has its noetic correlate in an interest-driven attitude.
Frankl suggested, to assist in restoring health in all our patients, we must address the physical, psychic, and noetic dimension (Psychotherapy and Existentialism: Selected Papers on Logotherapy, New York: Washington Square Press, 1967).
In this second chapter Nayar offers a brief context of the Bollywood industry and then highlights key aspects of the oral narrative genre successfully incorporated in the films, things ranging from pragmatic narrative structures to the central role of heroes, violence, and songs to particular noetic styles.
Broadway, is showing "Under the Influence," featuring Alex Peyton-Levine, Ellyn Herman and Nicola Noetic, plus music by Brendan Curran.
Frankl wrote, to assist in restoring health in all our patients, we must address the physical, psychic, and noetic dimensions.
The Institute of Noetic Science's (IONS) annual Shift Report for 2007--Evidence of a Worm Transforming--identifies the most prominent hallmarks of the old, industrial worldview as:
Nevertheless, Harrison recognizes that some leading early modern thinkers did not put too much emphasis on the noetic effects of the Fall.
Even believers have come to ask whether evangelical Christianity is suffering from intellectual complacency, or whether evangelicalism itself is a noetic victim of original sin.
Brown also drags into his thesis the Noetic Theory and mentions man's collective emotional response to the tragedy of 9/11.