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having nodules or occurring in the form of nodules

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At higher thermoplastic content, above 20%, a nodular spinodal structure develops where the thermoset-rich phase forms interconnected spherical nodules in the thermoplastic matrix.
In addition, as noted by the speaker, in the past year, the animals were treated regularly with an interval of 7-10 days with acaricidal preparations for controlling insects, which play a big role in the spread of nodular dermatitis and tick mites of blood-parasitic diseases.
Keywords: Hidradenoma, Nodular, Sweat gland, Tumour, Ultrasound.
Nodular hyperplasia, adenoma, adenomyoma can sometimes cause Bartholin's gland enlargement and differential diagnosis between these anatomo-pathological types can be difficult based on a simple clinical examination.
Subependymal nodular heterotopias (SNHs) are one of the most frequent malformations of cortical development.
This figure also confirms that nodular graphite has neither influenced crack initiation nor crack growth.
Nodular goitre is the most common benign lesion consisting of 41 cases, out of which 19 cases were showing adenomatous hyperplasia changes; 34 cases were colloid nodule; 6 cases were positive for malignancy showing PCT.
La Hiperplasia nodular focal (HNF), es la segunda neoplasia hepatica benigna mas frecuente en la poblacion adulta, registrandose infrecuente en edad pediatrica, se considera que este tipo de lesiones representan una reaccion local a una anomalia vascular congenita hepatica que desencadena una hiperplasia hepatocelular.
Focal nodular hyperplasia is defined as a nodule composed of benign-appearing hepatocytes occurring in a normal or nearly normal liver.
From the pathologists' perspective, amyloidosis can appear in the lungs in 3 distinct forms: diffuse alveolar-septal amyloidosis, nodular pulmonary amyloidosis, and tracheobronchial amyloidosis.
Nodular fasciitis (NF) is described as a benign, reactive, tumor-like lesion composed of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts.
Histological subtypes of periocular BCC are nodular, infiltrative, sclerosing, micronodular, keratotic, basosquamous and superficial.
Clinical examination revealed multiple small, nodular growths in vertical ear canal.
They are responsible for a disease usually referred to as pox, mainly characterized by nodular lesions on feather-free regions of the body.
4,7) Skin gums are nodular or nodular ulcerative lesions, with an arciform pattern.