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make small marks into the surface of

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In his editor's introduction, La Follette praised Nock for exposing the Wilson administration's collusion with the purveyors of British propaganda.
After landing on the Burj Al Arab's helicopter pad, Nock will launch himself out of a human cannon at a force of 9G.
Mr Nock, of High Haden Road, who worked at Carl Zeiss in Perry Barr, was pronounced dead at Russells Hall Hospital on August 17 last year.
Because most youth who think about suicide never go on to make an actual plan or attempt, doctors need to get better at figuring out which ones are most at risk of putting themselves in danger, according to Nock.
Ms Nock, an accountant and mother of a young child, was 28.
Nock said he plans to put that money right back into his Harvard lab, where he will seed some pilot projects aimed at attaining a better understanding of suicidal behavior.
50 metres," Nock remembers "To me, that was already high.
Nock was exhausted after completing the feat, saying, "I cannot say that I will again attempt such a walk.
Robin Nettleton, Nock Deighton; Ian Walsh, RSM Tenon Angela Roberts, Lisa Randall, both Madeleys Surveyors; Clare Davies, Berrys; Lucy Shenton, Harper Adams Roy Jackson, Whittingham Riddell Niall Blackie, senior partner, FBC Manby Bowdler; Robert McCabe, Nock Deighton; Andrew Connah, AMC Bank; Ben Corbett, John Amos & Co Nick Champion, Nick Champion Estate Agents; John Thorneycroft Doctor Barrie Florrey, Harper Adams; Steven Corfield, Niall Blackie, Paul Horton, all FBC Manby Bowdler
In March, the Arkansas Court of Appeals dismissed an appeal by Broyles, developer John Nock and his wife, Jill, and Nock Investments LLC contesting the foreclosure sale of property secured by a $4.
Superstar Bello Nock (he's the one with the tall hair) teamed up with some fellow clowns recently for the announcement that he would be joining Circus Sarasota's lineup this season, after years spent performing with the Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey Circus troupe.
This project goes forward if it makes sense to the community, and only if it makes sense to the community," said Herb Nock in his opening presentation.
The Grade Two contest has attracted a strong entry, including My Way De Solzen and Classified, but handler Susan Nock is keen to run her charge while he remains in great shape.
THE LIBERTARIAN journalist Albert Jay Nock once told the story of a friend who visited St.
Nock added that, based on current evidence, he finds little reason to believe the covenant marriage movement will catch on with the larger population.