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Synonyms for nobble

Synonyms for nobble

make off with belongings of others

take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom

disable by drugging

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asked Nobbler, who knew a thing or two about giving horses a pick-me-up.
Hoppers and Damsels effective in better conditions, Dog Nobblers the most successful lure pattern.
At Ravensthorpe Reservoir, near Northampton, Coventry's Neil Stuart fished from the bank and using an orange Dog Nobbler lure, captured a 9lb 4oz rainbow.
Opening day saw Bill Murphy from Ladbroke take the heaviest fish, his olive Nobbler tempting an 8lb rainbow from Saddle Bank.
At Draycote Water, a 9lb 7oz trout was landed by Frank Capewell of Stourbridge, It fell to a Dog Nobbler lure, while Rugby's Eddie Mitchell was also in luck, claiming an 8lb catch.
Another Nobbler, Risca's Jeff Parfitt, filled second place with 19lb and Newport angler Martyn Truman was third with 15lb.
The high wind was too strong for pole fishing at White Springs Fishery where Cwmbran Angling Nobblers member Chris Hall used feeder tackle and pellets as bait to win the Sunday open with 96lb 2oz of carp from peg 5 on the Match Lake.
In 1950, having been attacked by nobblers in his box two days before, he would have finished second had a blunder at the final flight not knocked him back to fourth place; and in 1951 he was still just in front but tiring when he fell at the last.
CHELTENHAM'S top brass last night condemned as "distasteful" a sick internet game that invites would-be nobblers to prevent Kauto Star from winning the Cheltenham Gold Cup - by shooting him in the neck with a dart, writes David Yates.
The conditions called for traditional early spring tactics, with lures such as boobies and dog nobblers fished on fast-sinking lines doing the damage.
THE Cwmbran Angling Nobblers team of Rob Skellett, Phil Weaver, Rob Wiltshire, Shaun Wilson, Neil Morgan and John Hannan are through to the Supercup Championship Final.
Nonsensical phrases take a life of their own including the local events announcements, including - ``There'll be finger bogling and massed goat pandering at the Royal Nobblers Institute'' and ``An exhibition of gnome clenching in the corset department of Sparkshaw and Towser''.
HOME Secretary David Blunkett today waged war on Liverpool jury nobblers.
The feebleness of the Jockey Club's control over racing in the early 19th century meant that the sport was full of fraudsters, nobblers, welshers and villains of every kind, and Bentinck determined to redeem its reputation.
Cwmbran Angling Nobblers member Chris Hall topped the weights in the open match on the New Canal at White Springs Fishery.