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Synonyms for no-nonsense

marked by sober sincerity

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not tolerating irrelevancies

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The No-Nonsense Guide To Green Parenting" is very highly recommended for community library Parenting Studies instructional reference collections.
Having tried other dating sites before, David, 37 from Aldgate said that Justaskmeout's unique, no-nonsense approach played a significant role in fast-tracking his relationship with Nadia.
He is a no-nonsense manager who is strong and has a personality and I think those qualities are important at a big club.
A no-nonsense, straight--talking approach to life is something that Seabrook Crisps can relate to," said chairman Ken Brook--Chrispin.
A No-Nonsense Guide to Easily Confused Words and several historical novels.
Baxter, 65, has a reputation as a no-nonsense jurist, making headlines in 1996 when he sentenced a man who caused two deaths in a boating accident to 720 hours of community service at the county morgue.
Virgis has a no-nonsense leadership style," says Norman Adami, president and chief executive officer of Miller.
High Speed go-to guy and fisherman extraordinaire Josh Stevens recently sustained a no-nonsense injury.
Small and growing businesses in the North-East will find it easier to identify suitable finance options following the launch of Business Link's two no-nonsense guides to finance.
All Things Hidden shares the story of Jael Reynolds, a no-nonsense detective committed to two things: her career, inspired by a childhood tragedy, and her young son, whom she raises alone after a bitter divorce.
The no-nonsense narration does not talk down to the reader, and the splendid full-color photographs highlight this engaging introduction to the fast-paced auto racing world.
He does not just whine about current educational practices, he offers no-nonsense alternatives.
The book represents a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to managing issues in today's law enforcement environment.
The No-Nonsense Guide to the Arms Trade, Gideon Burrows, New Internationalist Publications and Between the Lines, Toronto, 2002, 144 pp.
The copy in the letter from marketing director Carolyn Topak is a compelling combination of no-nonsense business and friendly reluctance to see me go.