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Synonyms for no-good

a self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity

Synonyms for no-good

returned for lack of funds


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I just hoped Louise wouldn't fall pregnant soon for my child to have to deal with the neglect of his mother nursing a new baby, the discipline of a cold stepfather and then I can imagine the flattering stories of his no-good father to mess up his young life.
Execs at Investigation Discovery reached out to the reality raven to host the program, which will document the most creative, cunning and spectacular ways women planned revenge on no-good boyfriends and husbands.
Link conveyors for SPI NG/good buffer are designed to stack no-good PCBs and transfer good PCBs to the next process using FIFO.
The great examples included deluded, aspiringly gallant Mitch, the role he originated on stage and went on to win an Oscar for in "A Streetcar Named Desire"; "On the Waterfront's" fire-breathing Father Barry; the well-meaning father of a no-good son in "All Fall Down"; the war-hating voice of reason, Omar N.
It could leave children with a lifelong antipathy towards the police, and quite possibly make them feel singled out or branded as a no-good by society.
Some manufacturers seem to view reps as lazy, no-good bums who can't work a Blackberry and won't do more than show catalogs to buyers.
THE STORY: Fred (Vaughn), the no-good brother of Santa Claus (Giamatti), heads to Toyland to visit his family and earn a little extra money helping out with the pre-Christmas rush, but ends up causing havoc.
It's no good having money in the bank and no-good players on the pitch.
Her mother chases an endless line of no-good men, hoping one of them will turn out to have some cash, and she bounces Easter all around the country.
Although I'm a huge fan of black music and movies, I sometimes struggle with myself for patronizing projects latent with those age-old stereotypes--the sassy mammies and the no-good hoodlums--even though I know ultimately whites green-lighted these images," reveals News Editor Nicole Marie Richardson, who spent three months researching and writing "Reel Prophets.
The abundance of fungi with their differing powers of interaction similarly increase the odds that for any no-good intruder, there's already an antagonist on hand.
WASHINGTON, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- If you see your neighbor buying a new $50,000 Mercedes on a teacher's salary or you overhear that nasty no-good co-worker brag talking about how he never pays his taxes, well then government financial guru, Matthew Lesko (http://www.
Dale Rowin, a co-owner of Tom's Tree Place of Lubbock, Texas, first suspected no-good when he saw a length of hose over a fence at the company's maintenance garage.
Bad girl Tracy and her no-good dad Ray bond in Southport over a game of crazy golf.
Trouble ahead: Jaime's character Stacie sees her no-good husband return; Trendy: Donald's tweed on Nike shoe