no-go area

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an area that is dangerous or impossible to enter or to which entry is forbidden

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Fears that no-go areas for Christians were emerging in British towns and cities were expressed recently by the Bishop of Rochester.
Pedestrian movement has also been banned in the no-go area.
Channel 4 made a much-trumpeted documentary on the area and renamed it Immigration Street, so I was glued to the telly on Tuesday night to see what had become of the notorious, rosy lamp, red nylon curtain bedecked no-go area.
oleen says IT'S Coleen says IT'S oleen says just a no-go area, I'm just a no-go area, I'm afraid.
Then half of the track is a no-go area, so customers can't see racing from all angles.
We have been told by Guide Dogs our city is a no-go area.
He further said that wherever there was "writ of any other person except the government" that was a no-go area.
The announcement came a day after the government declared the 20-km zone around the tsunami-stricken plant a no-go area.
No-go area may not only adversely affect ongoing steel projects, but also impact future investment in the steel sector due to the shadow of uncertainty looming over availability of critical raw material, said the ministry in its comment on Cabinet note.
Oaks no-go area for Lush Lush Lashes has won brilliantly, but current prices for the Oaks are a no-go area.
The Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration and local law enforcement officials police the no-go area, and violators face prison terms or up to $250,000 in fines.
Located at Ithumba, the ranger headquarters aims to combat illegal hunting, which is endemic to the area, allowing both wildlife and tourists to return to what has become a virtual no-go area.
The show was disappointing, there were a lot less exhibitors than when I last visited the show in 2013 - half the floor space was sectioned off as a no-go area, and we were there less than two hours.
It is cold comfort to know that a nuclear accident at Faslane would encompass the central belt and the north of England, leaving large swathes a no-go area for 1000 years.
With this in mind you have to ask why the city council has made the city centre a no-go area for vehicles.