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Synonyms for nix

no thing; not anything

not so


to prevent or forbid authoritatively

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

Synonyms for nix

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If you had some evidence that there was an unusually high number of nixies on a rental, you could argue about it with the list owner, but it's probably not worth your time.
Based on the results of the analysis, we focused on two address hygiene tools: NES True Nixies and LACS.
Chart the delivery times by examining the nixies and keep a running log of the orders received per day or week.
After we get back the nixies from a postcard mailing, we may mail a full promotion package to that list.
If the list being cleaned has been rented, you definitely want to know the number of nixies - specially if they're in excess of a thousand - as you'll want a refund from the list owner for those names you can't mail.
There are hardly any policies for nixies and de-duplication," says Kris Wadia, regional circulation and marketing director of Asian DM Alert.
6 Run your list against the NCOA (National Change of Address) file on a regular basis, and monitor it for the percentage of moves, nixies and non-matches.
You will not know whether they are not ordering or whether they are nixies.
2 You need to decide whether you will mail to nixies or purge them from your file.