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the group -NO3

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The intermolecular hydrogen bonding is observed between bromine of bromo substituted aromatic ring and the oxygen of methoxy group, and on the other hand methoxy group proton form intermolecular hydrogen bonding with oxygen of nitro group.
The degree of nitration averaged about 2-3 nitro groups per insulin molecule.
From this analysis, it was also found that compounds substituted with electron negative nitro group were less active towards the inhibition of fungal growth.
The peak due to the nitro group which were originally present in the starting material (p-nitrophenol) were no longer found in the products indicating that the reaction being completed.
The first nitro group introduced into the ring causes an increase in the activation energy for the introduction of the second group.
In the nearly two years since Sapient acquired Nitro Group, the agency that Clarke founded, Clarke has been partnering with co-chief creative officer Gaston Legorburu to combine brand-led thinking and above-the-line creative with the company's deep digital marketing and technology expertise.
Increasing the reactivity of the other component (dienophile 3) by introduction of a nitro group did the trick, and the Diels Alder cycloadduct was obtained in 60% yield with 72% diastereoselectivity.
In June 2009, Sapient acquired Nitro Group, an award winning, above-the-line advertising agency, forming SapientNitro.
Compound 1, with nitro group installed at C-4', was found to be the most active analog having the IC50 value of 35.
Next, the nitro group is reduced to the corresponding amine.
The OMMA honor capped off an unprecedented year for SapientNitro, during which it completed the integration of its 2009 acquisition of Nitro Group, adding brand strategy and above-the-line creative capabilities to its digital marketing and technology chops.
It is evident that the nitro group is playing a very crucial role in the metabolic activation [26] as it produces the toxic nitro radicals after activation by low redox potential reactions in anaerobes which eventually cause death of the anaerobic organism after covalently bonding with DNA of the microorganism and ultimately brings about the lethal effect [27,28].
Eight Months After Nitro Group Acquisition, Company Adopts One Brand to Represent its Fully Integrated, Multi-Channel Marketing and Commerce Offerings to Clients
The nitro group which has I and -M effect showed very significant inhibitory potential against both the enzyme as in compounds 1 (IC50 = 19.