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A reunion in July 1998, to mark the 90th anniversary of the first Lyons Corner House in London's Coventry Street, Piccadilly, saw the start of a Nippy Club which organised the Palace treat.
Joachim's opener came in the 34th minute after the nippy striker latched on to a David Perpetuini cross.
Ensure your lips remain silky soft and kissable on nippy nights.
Nippy, skilful and with a mouth-watering delivery from crosses and from dead-ball situations, Downing looked true class.
The Mazda 2 is nippy, easy to drive and quite good-looking, too.
The youngest Nippy was 53 and the oldest 85," said Kirsty Jackson of Lyons Cakes, which organised the tea dance.
Time to join CLAN BRASS monkey time: CLAN the north-east cancer support charity is looking for volunteers to join the Aberdeen Lions Nippy Dipper at Aberdeen Beach at 10.
My second night, armed with a nippy little Peugeot from East Coast Rentals, was out of town at The Collingwood Arms in the village of Cornhill, just on the south bank of the Tweed.
40pm) AFTER the Naked Chef and the Little Chef (essentially the Naked Chef but on a particularly nippy day) comes Iron Chef UK.
The fast ground is definitely in his favour on his return from a 100-day break and with Tony McCoy in the saddle we can expect him to be given a typically strong ride, which should give him the edge over Nippy Des Mottes.
Young was quick, nippy and looks like he has an eye for goal.
But Rumun Ndur has proved far more mobile than anyone expected and in Danny Stewart, Thommo has not only got the feisty 'rat' he wanted, he has someone who is very nippy and pretty good at face-offs.
Raffaello (10-11), East Lawyer (12-1), The Luder (6-4), Almost Broke (6-1), Nippy Des Mottes (2-1) and Bold Fire (4-11) provided Ditcheat maestro Nicholls with his super six.
He rattled home the final five winners of the meeting, starting with 12-1 shot East Lawyer, and followed by The Luder (6-4), Almost Broke (6-1), Nippy Des Mottes (2-1) and Bold Fire 4-11.
I'm glad Phillips isn't back because we have similar problems dealing with nippy small forwards as we do with the tall men.