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Synonyms for nip off

sever or remove by pinching or snipping

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Nashville More4, Thursday, 10pm Fans of this series may sometimes nip off to put the kettle on when the action moves away from all the backstabbing and singing in the country music business to the worlds of politics and high finances, but not this week.
You must nip off the green seed before they turn into clocks and release their airborne seeds, otherwise they might colonise patches of bare soil in your more formal borders.
You must nip off the green seed heads however before they turn into "clocks".
When the plants are about 6in tall nip off the central growing point with your fingers.
Mind you, what a wonderful excuse to give the boss: "I''m going to Skive," you could say, with perfect honesty, and nip off to Scandinavia for a weekend of music.
Soutar said: "About 20 minutes into the first half I thought I might have to nip off to the toilet.
When I did my big show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival I used to nip off and do a quick show in a little 50-seater venue," he said.
But just three weeks after being elected he managed to nip off on a family holiday to Turkey.
Then, once you've cemented your mild-mannered reputation, simply place a life-sized waxwork model of yourself in the stands at SW19 and nip off down the pub.
It was not until after lunch that Trescothick took his leave, followed by Geraint Jones, who was bowled through the gate on the back foot when Shabbir got another ball to nip off the seam.
The nearest England came to a breakthrough in the first hour came when Stephen Harmison got one to nip off the seam to strike Malik's pad on the back-foot defence, only for umpire Billy Bowden to rule correctly the bowler had also found just enough bounce to clear the top of the stumps and therefore fail in his lbw appeal.
Snap off dying geranium flowers at the base of the stems and nip off pansy and petunia flowers.
So just a word of warning the next time you decide to nip off on a cheap and cheerful break.
But, should I be an American, I could still nip off to court, claim to be completely ignorant of four decades of dire health warnings and pick up my pounds 2 billion.