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a soft grey ductile metallic element used in alloys

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The Niobium and Phosphates Businesses are located in the states of Goias and Sao Paulo, in Brazil with a niobium marketing function located in London and Singapore.
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global niobium market for 2016-2020.
The formation and solvent extraction of new ion-association complexes between anionic- chelates of niobium (V) with nitroderi-vatives of catechol {3,5-dinitrocatechol and 4-nitrocatechol} and tetrazoliumcations {2,3,5-triphenyl-2H-tetra- zolium and 3,3'-[3,3'-dimetoxy (1,1'-biphenyl)-4,4'-diyl]-bis[2,5-diphenyl-2H-tetrazolium]} were studied [3].
Hachinohe, Aomori), thereby successfully producing niobium ingots with an RRR exceeding 250.
Niobium is a fairly abundant and widely used material, Mirvakili says, so the whole system should be inexpensive and easy to produce.
The Niobec deposit currently accounts for 8% of world niobium production.
Niobium tin is an advanced superconducting material that can operate at a higher magnetic field and with a wider temperature margin than niobium titanium," the Lawrence Berkeley (http://newscenter.
The studies on the plasmochemical recovery of niobium and tantalum pentachloride were executed on a pilot arc plasmochemical installation of the Institute of Metallurgy of the Russian Academy of Science.
China's steelmaking capacity has risen to more than 700m tonnes a year and is the world's biggest importer of niobium.
Keywords Chemical vapor deposition, Thermodynamics, Solid-state reactions, Niobium, Silicon carbide
Silmet JSC is one of the largest companies in Europe in rare elements production, holding the third position in the world in the metallic niobium production capacity.
Kinetics of nitrogen absorption by molten niobium in arc and plasma melting at temperature 2923 K and partial pressure of nitrogen 0.
Titanium, niobium, zirconium, and tantalum for medical and surgical applications.
He is also a director and controlling shareholder with Baltic Resources, which has a large undeveloped phosphate and niobium deposit at Martison Lake, north of Hearst.
Practical for many applications, Niobium Oxide capacitors are gaining a presence in the electronics marketplace as a "safe" non-burning solution in many low voltage applications.