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a soft grey ductile metallic element used in alloys

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Integrated production of plates, bars, and tubes from niobium ingots
In addition, the material is highly flexible and could be woven into fabrics, enabling wearable forms; individual niobium nanowires are just 140 nanometers in diameter -- 140 billionths of a meter across, or about one-thousandth the width of a human hair.
However, the implications go well beyond that, in that it establishes high performance niobium tin as a powerful superconductor for use in accelerator magnets.
The experimental studies and pilot scale tests of niobium and tantalum pentachlorides reduction were carried out in the heated up over 3000 K plasma stream from the arc plasmatron with a power of 15-100 kW.
Figure 2 shows the XRD patterns of niobium films deposited at different temperatures.
It is important that differently from aluminium, calcium does not dissolve in niobium and, consequently, does not pollute it.
So, one may draw conclusion that in metals with high absorption capacity (vanadium, niobium, etc.
The niobium crucibles are produced from sheet material by deep drawing.
Our new processes for copper and niobium oxide show again the excellent quality of Picosun's precursor source design, allowing true ALD processing also on thermally sensitive materials such as plastics and piezoelectrical elements.
The aim of the research was to add various concentrations of niobium to indium tin oxide with different approaches through sol-gel method (spinning coating) to synthesize cheap transparent conductive electrode with optimum electrical and optical properties and high coating abilities," Sa'eed Mohammadi, one of the researchers, explained.
Lithex's tenements near Marble Bar (Moolyella and Shaw River) cover areas which were mined extensively for tin with secondary tantalum and niobium for nearly 100 years.
Statistical data obtained during a year of full-scale industrial meltings indicated that at the production of up to 2000 kg of ingots losses of niobium with the deposit comprise 1.
is finalizing its acquisition of a lease to mine niobium on a property 50 kilometres south of Moosonee.
3], which contains niobium and selenium, on the surface of droplets of selenium.
The 40 nm titanium barriers are separated by only 50 nm of niobium.