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Synonyms for nineties

the decade from 1890 to 1899


the decade from 1990 to 1999


the time of life between 90 and 100

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Finally, Justine Tally uncovers more parallels between women's fiction of the nineties and the philosophy of uplift a hundred years ago than one would expect.
This social forecast comes from a half-hour commercial for a home exercise machine: "a machine for the Nineties.
High technology, the replacement of human contact by contact with machines, the continued downsizing of corporations so those with jobs will have to work harder -- these themes also often appear in discussions about job hunting in "the Nineties.
We project our fears and our fantasies into "the Nineties," but we'll just have to wait for some "defining moments" which will light up the metaphor and give us a glimpse of what we're in for.
Respondents see a number of specialized injection molding technologies as being poised for fast growth in the Nineties.
Less prominently cited areas of improvement for the Nineties were:
The nineties are a time for searching for new norms of behavior.
Next, at 12:00 PM (ET), Abbott and Costello come to the aid of a ship's captain when cardsharks take over his Mississippi riverboat in THE NAUGHTY NINETIES (1945), the film featuring their enduring routine "Who's on First?
It helped pioneer and introduce interactive TV technology by providing an interactive service to six major cities in the early nineties.
Sonae South Africa has been importing particle and MDF board into South Africa since the early nineties and is currently commissioning a new plant in Piet Retief.
While full-service firms like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter scrambled to develop an online presence, discount brokerages that have offered online trading since the early nineties have established a niche.
As a start-up brokerage in the early nineties, we realized that online trading would be an essential service for existing and new account holders," says Kevin Gagne, president of Empire.