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having nine sides

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The nine-sided structure has triangular polycarbonate windows, is 4.
Of the nine-sided pan of a DRIACOATER, 65% are perforated sections, with air channels mounted on the outside of each section.
This functional region had the shape of an irregular, nine-sided polygon and included an area of approximately 450 square miles.
Hanou says that the octagonal and nine-sided barn preceded the round barn, perhaps leading to the "architectural oddities.
One particularly striking product is a polyhedron made up of 20 regular nine-sided polygons (called enneagons), 12 regular pentagons, and 60 isosceles triangles.
The average load is 160kg in 1400mm long, nine-sided Linhoff barrels, fitted with sieve plugs to improve drainage and reduce dragout.
Constructed of 27 soaring concrete "petals," arranged in the shape of a nine-sided lotus flower, the Delhi Temple has won numerous architectural awards.
Launching itself off the ground from three points articulated by sharp angles of white plastic, impossibly ballasted by weblike exo-structures, the entire thing is shielded by a nine-sided canopy of white plastic into which ovoid holes have been cut.