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having nine units or components

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If we are to attract investors and expatriates to work here then we shouldn't increase tariffs more than the cost, the nine-fold increase is more than enough and already shows a huge gap between Bahrainis and expatriates.
The report highlights the growth of the design sector and subsequently, the need for at least 30,000 design graduates by 2019, representing the need for a nine-fold increase in young designers to achieve sustainable growth of the design sector in the region.
The study is consistent with a survey of 1044 retired players from the American National Football League (NFL) which found a nine-fold increase in subsequent depression for those with multiple concussions, Donald Redelmeier told the Herald.
The amount of heroin found by police in West Yorkshire has increased nine-fold in a year, from 0.
Between the two years 2014 and 2015, as stated above, while HDFC grew nine-fold and ICICI Bank more than three-fold, across the banking industry, mobile banking grew five-fold-from INR 34 billion to INR 169 billion or US$2.
Summary: In 2014, exports and re-exports of pharmaceutical products from Moldova increased nine-fold over the previous year and amounted to 1.
It said the original estimated cost of `76 crore (May 2005) went up nearly nine-fold to `671 crore, with a huge increase in the scope of work.
Figures show that private sector lender, HDFC Bank, has seen more than nine-fold growth in mobile banking transactions in January 2015, compared to January 2014.
Traffic accidents in Al-Ahsa increased in 2009 by nine-fold.
The Aircel accounting change was behind a nine-fold year-on-year profit growth recorded in the same quarter of 2013.
Washington: India's efforts to bring back black money stashed abroad may not succeed as major western economies, including the US and UK, are the main beneficiaries of illicit funds, a global think-tank has said, underlining that the government should instead focus more on curtailing its outflow which has jumped nine-fold since 2003.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Flexibility and religious conformity have been the main drives that helped rocketing Islamic finance over the past decade to achieve a nine-fold growth, attracting more customers every day, media report said.
World Bank data tracking the evolution of developing-country debt since the 1970s show that the probability of a country falling into debt distress increases nine-fold (to a one-in-five chance) if its repayments are equivalent to more than one-tenth of its exports -- a situation that one in three of today's new issuers could face when their bonds come due.
289 billion, representing a nine-fold year-on-year increase.
He also explained that the nine-fold rise in penalties for riders weighing in or out with the incorrect weight was skewed due to new rules being introduced.