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Synonyms for nimbleness

Synonyms for nimbleness

the quality or state of being mentally agile

Synonyms for nimbleness

intelligence as revealed by quickness and alertness of mind

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the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble

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Selection criteria also included complete control over the appearance of the site to reflect the uniqueness and esthetic appeal of Bare Escentuals' products and avoid the "cookie-cutter" look other ecommerce platforms impose; advanced functionality to achieve the best possible customer experience; flexibility to respond to customer feedback and provide the nimbleness needed for a competitive edge; and the ability to minimize operation costs.
As a result, total cost of ownership is drastically reduced and carriers operate with increased nimbleness and flexibility.
We are very pleased to have CMC Telecom as our partner, with its nimbleness and customer-focused attitude.
As a cutting-edge, boutique company, On Point Loyalty has the flexibility and nimbleness to deliver on a wide variety of engagements within the airline loyalty industry.
Inarguably one of BMW's best achievements, the 2-Series with its lovely yet stubby design brings back the nimbleness of the original '02-Series.
Its nimbleness allowed the company to be first to market with value propositions in the natural body wash and on-the-go hair care segments.
The new position was created to promote organizational nimbleness and flexibility as Trinity continues forward on its mission of 'enhancing communities, changing lives,'" Franco said.
NEW YORK -- While chain drug retailing is dominated by two national players, regional operators continue to demonstrate their nimbleness and showcase innovation.
To provide the depth of field and the nimbleness required of the cameras, Barranco and team used three Sony FS7s equipped with prime lenses and 30 GoPros to cover every angle.
Amaranta Fernandez, who stands 6-foot-2 but moves with remarkable nimbleness, fired 19 points in her pairing with Ester Rivera to pin a third straight defeat on the pair of Alexa Micek and Charo Soriano in the tournament that rewards $8,000 to the champions.
There is a sound argument that, with today's IT and communications advantages, plus the need for nimbleness in business, a holacracy may be a good fit for your company.
We strive to build a portfolio with low directional exposure to equity markets and the flexibility and nimbleness to generate attractive performance in any market environment,' the managers add.
Our flexibility and nimbleness have enabled us to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the various markets in which we work.
Its response times, nimbleness and on-the-limit driving guarantee a unique sense of exhilaration and unparalleled driving pleasure.
If Kapil Sibal did his bit by doing away with board examinations or bringing in four year degree programme, his successor Smriti Irani has shown unmindful nimbleness in correcting the course.