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Synonyms for nihilism

Synonyms for nihilism

a revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake

the delusion that things (or everything, including the self) do not exist

complete denial of all established authority and institutions

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Fleming, chief opinion-maker for the African American weekly the San Francisco Sun-Reporter, read the bomb, however nihilistically, as fundamentally enabling of the courageous and daring, civil rights-demanding African American youth of the period: "Since they might be living on borrowed time, they would like to achieve the status of human dignity before that time expires," (9) While Fleming cites "such youngsters as Martin Luther King" as leading the charge in this context, in fact King was less likely to regard the bomb as an opened floodgate than as a moral gatekeeper, casting its shadow over human conflict and by its very existence mandating improving relations amongst warring groups.
The novel nihilistically perpetuates the cycle of desire and consumption, exploitation and self-destruction, rise and fall, success and failure of American capitalism.
Tilley makes little attempt to contextualize her knowledge, except for instances when the adult Teresa briefly and intermittently muses about what white people may have done to the cultures of the peoples of the north, and nihilistically comments on the potential effects of the greenhouse effect on northern communities and landscapes.
O, the album of Iggy and the Stooges' final concert, that it is "a far more powerful documentation of the Iggy holocaust at its most nihilistically out of control.
It is definitely not something nihilistically empty, but rather it is dynamic and vital to all manifestations.
Their prescriptions for surviving their lots in life are often, nihilistically comical and ill-advised.
The postmodern world, in Dunne's view, embraces a thin poetic morality of "self-generating and self-justifying inventiveness to produce for each moment something better--or, nihilistically, just to produce.
31) What is "possible" for being, in this view, becomes obliterated in the marking off of what has value--while modernity nihilistically discloses beings in such a way that the domain of the gods has been forgotten, as we struggle henceforth to rule and to exploit the domain of the human being.
Long live seriousness', as the journalist Peter Scholl-Latour nihilistically proclaimed.
Whereas the noble ideal of the self-affirmative "Overman" is self-overcoming and life-affirming, the "Last Man" negates self-affirmation, nihilistically reduces everything to "the same," and refuses the "ideal of self-government" for acceptance of the status quo no matter how flat, uninspired, or bizarre it may be.