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Synonyms for nighttime

the period of time between sunset and sunrise


Synonyms for nighttime

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Temperatures are set to rise and approach three degrees AC above the seasonal average on Monday with mostly sunny and pleasant conditions in daytime and relatively cold in nighttime.
Officials of district administration said that it was a compulsion to ask heavy vehicles to use the tunnel at nighttime as long vehicles damaged the road blocked it for hours.
Previous research has shown that nighttime temperatures have risen significantly faster as a result of climate change than daytime temperatures.
In some Middle Eastern cities, nighttime lights shine more than 50 percent brighter during Ramadan, compared to the rest of the year.
Respecting new insights from research, it is a concern that nighttime transpiration has not been considered in small- scale evapotranspiration models (irrigation scheduling of crops), nor for large-scale models (catchments and forest water-use estimations).
The Results: The children who had longer nap times demonstrated shorter nighttime sleep duration compared to the children who had shorter naps.
Researchers at the Oregon Climate Service based at OSU documented 15 examples of nighttime heat waves between 1901 and 2009.
Nighttime bathing improved not only sleep but also restlessness, wandering, and aggression.
Despite these increased numbers, only 30% of residency programs had a formal nighttime curriculum by November 2010.
Charge up" by putting the Pull-Ups NightTime training pant under a bright light source for at least 30 to 60 seconds;
The product is billed as an all-natural, drug-free, over-the-counter nighttime cough remedy that has been proven safe and effective for children two years of age and older.
The Hesse Administrative High Court in Germany put an end to scheduled nighttime flights at Frankfurt Airport.
And we are encouraged by the results from the Quiet Delivery Demonstration Scheme ('DfT in call for more nighttime deliveries', 2 July, p8).
But a small study published in the February issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society suggests that a regular napping regime won't interfere with nighttime sleep and could help boost daytime alertness after a bad night.
But it also became clear that the urban glow was affecting nighttime atmospheric chemistry.