night blindness

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This short communication presents two cases who reported with night blindness, when examined in detail came out to be cases of Oguchi`s disease with different optical coherence tomography (OCT) findings.
Table 2: Association of night blindness with vitamin A status.
Based on this medical standard, many reports indicate that the rate of night blindness among adolescents and schoolage children is quite high in rural Bangladesh, whereas night blindness among rural women is nearly 1.
The campaigns have reportedly slashed the rate of night blindness to 0.
In Southeastern Brazil, maternal VAD also exists, occurring clinically as night blindness during pregnancy (9).
It is generally recognized that night blindness is one of the commonest complaints in RP (Kaya-Ganziami et al.
Washington, Aug 2 ( ANI ): Researchers in Pakistan have developed a smartphone app that keeps track of your location and distance walked from home or hotel and warns you when you are likely to be caught out after dark to help sufferers of the debilitating disease of night blindness.
Table-1: Age and Sex Distribution Age-group Study Only Night Blindness Only Bitot's Spots (years) Subjects (XN only) (XIB only) 0-3 154 0(0) 1(0.
Globally, pregnant women in 66 countries experience s night blindness, with moderate to severe public health significance, and approximately 10 million pregnant women (8 percent of pregnant women) develop night blindness annually (World Health Organization, 2009).
But someday it may return partial sight to people suffering from conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited disease that can lead to night blindness and tunnel vision, or macular degeneration, in which sharp central vision is lost but peripheral vision remains.
Elderly cats may also experience night blindness or deafness, both of which may contribute to nighttime yowling.
Benefits of beta-carotene: May protect against night blindness and dry eyes.
One note on handheld spot lights: They can cause temporary night blindness.
Didem Yucel Yilmaz, two researchers in metabolism unit at Hacettepe University's Child Health Institute, Child Health and Diseases Department, have discovered a new gene that causes retinitis pigmentosa, publicly known as night blindness.