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any bird associated with night: owl

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Among the first scripts he wrote was The College Widow, which he expanded from a brief treatment entitled Night Bird.
In fact, there are no published quantitative data for night birds along this part of the Rio Grande.
Wet oak smell and a far music between night bird chirps
Like any night bird, she had a lonesome sound, living with a father who couldn't stretch suspenders let alone his toes.
Lewis is a nuanced and versatile vocalist, and this engaging collection runs the spectrum from modern folk lyricism ("When the Night Bird Sings") to fiddle-fired bluegrass/mountain music ("Singing Bird") to haunting jazz stylings ("The Blackest Crow").
Plop, the barn owl, didn't want to be a night bird until he discovered that the dark was not a scary place; it was "just right.
He fulfills a heavy bride price for the desirable Night Bird Woman.
If you prefer to catch them in their tracks and dispose of them kindly then prepare to become a night bird, as most of their feeding is done after dark.
On this night Bird wasn't just eclipsed by Johnson (24 points, seven rebounds).
Night bird people know that summer evenings without the memorable sounds of whips, chucks and bullbats would be empty indeed.
In the eyes of a night bird she looked down from a tall, moon-haunted elm and saw the lights go out in two farmhouses, one here, one a mile away.
Additional spring and fall night bird migration studies will be conducted to determine location of some turbines.
deadline he imagines to be real, writing the night bird singing into
and the night bird sings your name, sweet, sweet, sweet