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(comparative of 'near' or 'close') within a shorter distance

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While nigher taxes and cutbacks in entitlement programs are a straightforward way to deal with a nation's debt problem, this is easier contemplated than done because of the vulnerability of elected officials to the unpopularity of these measures.
Stephens of Lightbulb Factory Theatre, a visit to the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach a few years ago not only led him to a new apartment (he lives in the estate's guest house) but also to his next theatre piece: a bejeweled and bedazzled A Midsummer Nigher Dream.
Even the great poet Tennyson temporarily forgot about chivalry to address the crisis: "Slowly comes a hungry people, as a lion creeping nigher, Glares at one that nods and winks behind a slowly dying fire.
It was even nigher at 111-9 but the last pair saw them through to 128-9 in their 50 overs, No.
As the likelihood of nonpayment rises, lenders will require higher and nigher interest rates.
Their hearty bursts of praises thundered higher, As God came down into the caverns gloom, And heaven's eternal gateways glittered nigher.
Thus, the nigher yields that can be achieved by putting their hinds to work productively in the commercial real estate market becomes ever more attractive.
But The End Is Nigh all right, and getting Nigher all the time.
Our great Centennial of 1876 nigher and nigher at hand--the abandonment, by tacit consent, of dead issues--the general readjustment and rehabilitation, at least by intention and beginning, South and North, to the exigencies of the Present and Future--the momentous nebulae left by the convulsions of the previous thirty years definitely considered and settled by the re-election of Gen.
At length one of our men mounting the Main-mast espyed fire, an evident sign of some Countrey near adjoyning, which presently after we apparently discovered, and steering our course more nigher, we saw several persons promiscuously running about the shore, as it were wondering and admiring at what they saw: Being now near to the Land, we manned out our long Boat with ten persons, who approaching the shore, asked them in our Dutch Tongue, Wat Eylant is dit?
In giving us access to Delano's mind, the narrator even explicitly mentions that "upon a still nigher approach, .
43) Legal reform was thus integral to the colonial project, although justified as a means of helping the colonies to evolve toward a nigher standard of civilization.