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My time must be nigh at hand now, for I be aud, and a hundred years is too much for any man to expect.
I saw no knave with Your Worship, for I swear no man would dare call that man knave so nigh to Sherwood Forest.
While she busied herself in finding and folding them, Alleyne Edricson stood by the open door looking in at her with much interest and some distrust, for he had never been so nigh to a woman before.
He stood leaning, gravely, on his lance, while the smoking steed, that grazed nigh, showed that he had ridden far and hard to be a spectator, on the occasion.
You little thought that one was so nigh, who saw into all the circumventions of your hunt; but there was I, sometimes flat behind a bush or a tuft of grass, sometimes rolling down a hill into a bottom, and little did you dream that your motions were watched, as the panther watches the drinking deer.
There I lay in a low bed of grass, as two of the hunters came nigh each other.
I want Tom to be such a sort o' man as Riley, you know,--as can talk pretty nigh as well as if it was all wrote out for him, and knows a good lot o' words as don't mean much, so as you can't lay hold of 'em i' law; and a good solid knowledge o' business too.
Tulliver, rising and going to the window, "I don't know where she is now, an' it's pretty nigh tea-time.
MNA encourages you to access the NIGH web site at http:// www.
Even with an occupancy level of 95% of the total design capacity of a prison estate, it becomes nigh impossible for a prison service to deliver what is required of it, and more particularly, to ensure respect for inmates' human dignity.
Robert Nigh was hired as a senior programmer and analyst.
Yes, the end is nigh, just not as nigh as we think.
A CLEAR signal that the end is nigh for the European Union's (EU) free stimulus spending on Europe's auto sector has been made with the announcement of nominations for a new European Commission to take office, probably, in February.
WATCHMEN: THE END IS NIGH, PARTS 1 AND 2 *** XBOX 360, PS3 pounds 24.
Decision time is over And the end is drawing nigh, Can what they tell us be true Our school condemned to die.